Found a simple recipe for frying apples

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Found a simple recipe for frying apples and would like to freeze them when done. Has anyone ever done this and what were the results? I just don't want a soggy mess.

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

Do share your recipe. I would imagine you could freeze them.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

4-5 apples
1tbls. butter
place in fry pan
I added cinnamon to taste (I am a taste as you go cook)
Salted to taste also

At the end add corn starch to a bit of water then to apple mixture to thicken it up.

Then I placed it on a lg. tortilla and baked 10-15 minutes.

Apple pie without all the crust and fat.

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

Thanks - sounds good.

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