Cathy, Whirlpool front loader vs. Samsung?

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Any thoughts? The store has Whirlpool WFW94HEXR and Samsung WH350ANR in stock and I need these ASAP. Whirlpool would fit better but while it is the top rated unit in Consumer Reports, their reviews are not so hot. The Samsung only has 2 reviews that I can see, not enough of a sample to tell.

Cathy, are you out there? If I treat it nicely will the Whirlpool do OK for me? I have friends who love the Samsung but I would have little to no clearance on top and I would prefer to have a few inches especially over the dryer. I'll need the platforms and Whirlpool makes a low profile platform that Samsung does not so the Whirlpool *seems* to be preferable.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

There are only a few things I know for certain: there are many service techs who repair wp but not many in this area who repair samsung; it is very easy to order and purchase parts for the major four. When I have to order for the others, I have to go directly to the manufacturer or its only distributor.

However, just to let you know, Samsung manufactures washers for some of the big 4 under their own names.

Platforms usually include a drawer which is nice. If you treat it nicely, will it perform? They'll probably perform for you the same. If you have bad water such as from a well or with minerals and particulate, neither washer will like it.

I just took at look at the parts for the first one. They probably have the same amount of electronics. For all I know, they culd both be manufactured in the same plant. I'd look at the specs and go with the one that is heavier. It probably has better counterweights that make it quieter. Also you can check out the spin speeds. The higher the spin, the more it sounds like a jet engine to me, but the faster the spin, the less time it takes to dry either in the dryer or on the line.

Just get what you like and build a platform if necessary. We just do not have enough experience either using or repairing the less common brands, and I cannot legally tell you not to get something, only that something else may be better for you.

Remember, don't overload and don't oversoap.

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Thanks, I did go with the WP and it was delivered this morning. My daughter in law has had top of the line front loaders for years and I have never had a problem with over soaping when I used them, also my Fisher Paykel was a HE machine. I really was not worried about that, I take good care of my appliances.

So, I put the first load in, start it up and it runs and runs. Finally it gives me an error message saying suds (there were none that could be seen) then another error message saying the drain was blocked. Not good, I had not put anything small in this load. The clincher came when it started to smell like an electrical fire. We pulled the plug and eventually it unlocked so we could get the hostage clothes out. We were able to catch about 5 gallons of water in a huge garden bucket when we opened the door, another several gallons flooded the floor and when we pulled the wet clothes out we wrung out another several gallons and we baled 4 gallons from the tub. Yikes, this washer is not supposed to use that much water and there is sitll plenty in there.

The dealer is replacing the unit in the morning. Let's hope tomorrow's machine works better than this one, the laundry is piling up around here. LOL

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

These machines are all tested at the factory, so something bad happened to it! A reputable dealer replaces things immediately. I think you'll like the new one.

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Thanks, I am counting on it. I don't believe over sudsing was the problem but it could have contributed and it occurred to me that since my old washer had not been working well that perhaps the clothes had residual detergent in them. Today, when the new washer gets here, I'll first run the laundry through a rinse cycle before I add any detergent and start a wash cycle - just to be sure.

Thanks for your input and by the way, I do hope you did OK with Irene last week, I know parts of Stamford had some damage.

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Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

We were very luck with Irene last week as most of the homes north by a couple of blocks were without power and more for several days. My big job was to get in all the plants in containers and tie up the trellises. Because we did not have enough thrill, we ended up in the emergency room on Saturday with my prince but were lucky enough to go home within a few hours to prepare for Irene. And it turned out not to be the problem he had anticipated.

Over soaping does not do damage on one load. If you don't use HE (which I 'm sure you do), the oversudsing creates a suds block that the pump cannot handle. When the tech can tries to tell the customer she oversoaps, the only way he can show her is to run it without detergent and let the housekeeper/homeowner see the blanket of suds. I'm sure you did nothing wrong.

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AGGGHHHHHHH, can you hear me ranting clear in CT? They installed the new machine (the floor model) and turned it on and it hummed and hummed and that is all it did. Naturally we checked on make sure they had turned the water on but it was clearly an electrical problem. We had them take both the washer and the dryer back and we are back to square one. I still want a front loader but the spouse's frustration tolerance has been met so we will go and buy the Fisher Paykel top loader this afternoon. I am running out of clean clothes here!

So glad you escaped Irene's wrath and that your prince is fine. I have spent more than enough time in the ER with mine and I know how stress producing that can be.

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Acckkkk, went to look at the FP and decided it was too flimsy. Looking at a Maytag 6000 front loader now but in reading the reviews, it seems to have the same problems as the WP I just returned. This is getting too complicated. Looked at a Kenmore, they told me it is made by LG, the Maytag is made by WP, all very confusing. In the meantime my dirty laundry pile is getting higher and higher.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Most Kenmores are made by wp. I doubt highly that it is made by LG based on my professional info. We can usually tell by looking, but I can always tell by the part numbers.

I personally think duet is the best, but you're not having good luck and that is so bizarre. I'm sure the seller is having apoplexy as well.

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LOL, you might be right about the Kenmore, the salesman was most obnoxious, we actually walked out of the store, I can see this guy making up stuff. We can wait a week for a Maytag 6000 or remove the cabinets so we can fit in a Samsung which has the higher pedestal. At this point I am going to go eeny meeny miny mo.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Ardesia, what did you end up buying? My dryer has died, and my front-loader washer (a Kenmore, less than 10 years old) is on its last legs.

(Zone 9a)

We wound up ordering a Samsung W/D. I can't remember the model at the moment, they will be delivered tomorrow and I can't wait, we have been without for almost two weeks and I am desperate for clean clothes. LOL I did wash a load of undies by hand.

I am told by both the dealers and my trusted installer/appliance repair person, that I should not expect to get more than 7 or 8 years out of these machines. Sheesh. They said the only ones that seem to be holding up for longer were the really pricy European models like the Meiles.

My son has a top of the line LG front loader and he loves it.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

AS long as it doesn't break.... Around here no one wants to repair them.

(Zone 9a)

Keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

Alabama, NY

These machines are all activated at the factory, so something bad happened to it! A acclaimed banker replaces things immediately. I anticipate you'll like the new one.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Since this thread is two years old, I am certain she has a machine she likes.

All of the washers/dishwashers are tested at the factory. Don't assume they are handled properly after that point. That is the reason we always suggest purchasing from a local business and not order online to save a few dollars. Keep in mind how many hands and pieces of equipment/ vehicles handle those items.

Agawam, MA

Well said Cathy i agree with you. We canít trust at online marketing so its better to take out some time and get a best appliances to the home.

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