Looking for buffaloberries

Minneapolis, MN

Hi all--

I need to get some silver buffaloberries (Shepherdia argentea; I need the fruits, not the plants!) for some recipes I'm working on. I can trade homemade maple syrup, or pay cash for the berries plus shipping. Please e-mail me off-list if you can help ([email protected]). Note: silver buffaloberries are not the same as russet buffaloberries (S. canadense). Fruits look similar; both are bright red with silver or clear scales on the fruits. The silver buffaloberry is a thorny plant with silvery leaves; russet buffaloberry plants have no thorns (or very few, if any) and the leaves are dark green on top with paler undersides that are dotted with brown specks.

Silver buffaloberry grows primarily in the western US; it is particularly common in Montana, Wyoming and Utah, and may also be locally common in the Dakotas, Colorado, Idaho and Nevada. (Also grows in other western states, but is pretty scarce... I had a hard time finding any when I was in Colorado over the last two weeks but I did not get into the northwestern part, where I think it is more common).



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