Floating Island Pond Planters

Amherst, NY(Zone 6a)

My wife and I just discovered these are at our favorite garden/pond supply center. We bought an Iris, a Lobelia and a Corkscrew Rush for the pond but realized there is now planting ledge or shallow part of our pond. We were going to invert pots in the water and place the plants on these, but saw these cool floating island pond planters. The larger one has two plants - the Lobelia and the Corkscrew Rush, and the smaller one has the Iris and a small Cardinal plant (red Lobelia).

They are made of a simple Styrofoam ring covered with black, porous material held on to the ring with a draw string. So far, so great! Anyone else use these?

Here is a picture of the larger floating planter in our pond...

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Amherst, NY(Zone 6a)

And a picture of the smaller floating planter...

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Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Those are pretty neat! I've to keep that in mind next time I visit a local pond center. Thanks for sharing your find.

Decatur, GA

I have used these in the past. They started out really well and I had some nice plants growing and floating around the pond. Unfortunately after a while the plant got big and the whole unit got top heavy and as you would expect kept flipping over or at least leaning over with the plant in the water and pot at around 45degrees. Too bad, I would have liked them to work better.
I hope you have better luck with yours DavEdsel.

Athens, PA

We have been using these floating pot islands too. We use a zip tie to tie it to some hosing for the pump. Otherwise, these floating pots want to swim into my skimmer.....

Fridley, MN(Zone 4b)

Lowes sells them in two sizes.

Marco Island, FL(Zone 10b)

My koi love to nibble on the plants and then as stated above, the plants become catty-whumpus!

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

I had a huge one (24" across and 30" deep) but it didnt do well. I think the smaller ones would be great. hadn't thought about them getting top heavy, but makes sense. The corkscrew should be okay, and I would think the impatiens would be more horizontal also. I have a floating donut ring sort of thing (about 30") across, and I put my floating plants in there so the fish can hide under it and eat the roots. I tied fishing line to a sinker and attached to the ring to keep it centered in the deep end and prevent it from swimming into the skimmer. I decorated it with silk ivy leaves and three waterlily looking flowers so it was more attractive but not phony looking.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Saw somewhere where you could make a floating island with furnace filters zip tied tog. after glueing with Good Glue. Then cut holes to suit the size pots you have. Light weight plastic pots were recommeneded. Haven't tried it yet but probably will soon as we are in the process of putting in two moe ponds. I use the small ones from Lowe's and have never had any tipping problems with them. One has bacopa in it and the fish just push it around and nibble on it. Other one has juncus (that corkscrew plant) and its never even been thinned out but is doing fine after a year of floating around. My waterfall does push it near the skimmer but it just keeps moving after a while. Happy ponding, Bonnie

Sarasota, FL(Zone 9b)

My floating planter has failed unfortunately. The black cloth over the styrofoam ring disintegrated from the sun around the middle of July. I only bought it this spring, so that's a pretty short life for this item.

The plant started to fall through, and was hanging on by threads when I got home from a trip. Luckily the side that was shaded by the plant held up better so it didn't end up falling through. Hm, I might have some scraps of Sunbrella canvas that I could cut to cover the top of the foam ring, though.

I have some nice Louisiana Iris that will do great in there if I can just get it to hang together. For keeping the floating planter from drifting, I used a string and a rock to anchor it. Hey, we're sailors, what can I say?

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