Two years worth of freeze damage - Areca Palms

Titusville, FL

The last two winters have been very rough on my plantings of areca palms in my Central Florida back yard. Each year my palms have made a pretty good come back. last year it was October before they looked good again and this year, July was the month for the most improvement.
Each year the tallest trunks had all of the fronds get freeze burn and the fronds fell off. All of the new growth is coming from the base of the palms and is now getting to be 4 to 5 foot tall. Some of the tall trunks ( 9 to 10 ft tall) are still alive and green, but the there has been no new growth or new fronds. It is like they are pinched at the very top. Some of the trunks have died and I was able to pull them out from the base of the plants. Other trunks have had no growth for two years now. My question is what should I do with these 9 to 10 foot trunks? Should I cut them off at the base or should I let them rot on their own??
Please see photo.


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Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

I think either is fine, though if they are still alive, I would wait till they die...a few mild winters and they might turn around

Titusville, FL

Thank you for the quick response.

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