temperature drop

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

We are going to have a freak lows tonight into the 40's, I have all kinds of elephant ears outside, really don't want to drag them all in for one night, generally will they be ok?

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Happ, I just saw your post; so, how did you do? I would not think they would like cold temps, but I think they'd be safe if it's above freezing and only for a short while. Depending on size, you can often cover them for the night with large flower pots.


Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

They have suffered thru 2 nights of low 40's, just not possible to get them in this quickly. So far no ill effect but it might take some time. All the starts I had are in the garden room are fine of course. Too large to cover except with a sheet, so I guess I will see how they will do. Going to start dragging everything in this week, just too much to do at one time in the evening after work. I think I did lose one succulant it was pretty limp and ugly looking...dang.

Greensburg, PA

I have a number of different EE's that stay outside until the night temps start to push freezing each year. So far, no poor results but I think it would depend on the variety. I let them stay out so that the cooler temps help push them into slower growth and even dormancy for the winter, where they are indoors but do not receive much light or water. It is important that they don't actually get exposed to frost or freeze.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Well everything is still doing good, they are all inside now. I have a large variety of ee's and I think every year I go thru this but can't remember how cold did it get before I get them in. Mine don't go dormant thru the winter, I have a hybrid type little greenhouse so I chose to try to keep some tropicals going and fight spider mites all winter (gosh would hate to lost that bit of fun I have....ughhhh!). Spider mites have been horrible this summer because of the heat and the dry! Anyone have suggestions on that, I am all ears....

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

All ears, eh? LOL. Seriously, have you thought about using predatory mites? You can get them via mail order and they just might be the thing to keep the bad mites down. The more bad mites, the more the predatory ones multiply to eat them. If you have the plants in a closed environment (indoors), the good mites should stay put and keep eating the bad mites until they are gone.


Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

ROFL, I didn't realize, what I had keyed.....duhh, Well I am all ears, hibiscus, brugs, anything that will attrack mites. I will check into the good mites, I had forgot I read about the good guys, course as many bad ones as I have had, the good ones might get so big and fat as to collapse the plant!

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