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Deep-blue rebloomer?

Rumson, NJ

I am planning on planting a row of hydrangeas in my backyard, but I'm having a terrible time trying to figure out which variety to get. I want to make the right choice, but the color descriptions for hydrangeas are rather confusing. Every time I think I've found a variety that matches, it turns out that it has only a pale blue, or the pink influence makes it purple!

I am trying to find a mophead hydrangea that will give me:
- a deep, rich blue in acidic soil (no pinks, greens, or whites! I love masses of true blue.)
- 5-6' size
- blooms generously on old and new wood
- Hardy in zone 6-7

A bonus would be fall foliage color, but that's secondary.


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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If your soil is acidic or if you plant to amend it to keep it acidic, then you don't have to worry about it being purple. That will only happen if your pH is getting close to neutral.

It's not a rebloomer, but 'Nikko Blue' is a nice blue given the right pH. If you're in zone 6/7 you should be fine with a non-reblooming variety--just cover it up if you're expecting a late freeze, but typically it ought to be fine without protection. It's when you're in zone 5 or the colder end of zone 6 that winter protection is often needed to protect the old wood blooms.

Here's another discussion of dark blue hydrangeas...I don't think any of the ones mentioned are rebloomers though

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