North Plains, OR(Zone 8a)

There used to be a company that did replacement decals for Singer Red Eye machines. I've lost the information on that company and I need some red eye decals. Anybody know where I may find them? I have located replacement decals for featherweights, but that is all so far. Thanks

(Elizabeth) DFW Area, TX

The only company that I knew about that was making replacement decals for various vintage machines had to stop - they couldn't make money at it. :(

If I remember correctly, a full set for a 27 or a 66 cost around $55-60 - so you know it was expensive to get them printed. I was really sorry to see them go out of that business, but I do understand that you have to stick with the products that make it worthwhile to stay in business. I wish I had bought a few sets of the Tiffany decal copies when they were still available.

Las Vegas, NV


I think this company makes custom decals and can help you. I just had a huge custom wall decal made which covers all of the wall. Goodluck.

(thunder)Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

are you on facebook? there are some pages dedicated to vintage machines. you may find some help there. Also Bonnie Hunter of may be able to help you find a place, she has many machines.

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