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Winter Sowing in Texas...What are you planting?

Central, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi All, I live in central TX, zone 8b; what are you sowing now or through next Feb.? How do you handle transplanting after the seedlings appear?

We're in a severe rain expected until next spring, if then. Temps should be above normal and the air is dry which means wider temp range between lows/highs. Does anyone mist their jugs during dry spells?

Ms. Tommie

Iowa Park, TX(Zone 7b)

Hi Garden Sass,
It has been raining up here lately (we are north of you). Have you gotten rain too? I planted collard and beet seed in pots back in Sept. and recently moved them out to the garden - they are looking real good. I have eaten several meals off them lately. You could probably direct sew some green leafy type veggies and they would do fine (give some protection during freezes.) Just a thought. Later on, in Feb. start some of the other veggies like tomatoes and peppers....

Beaumont, TX(Zone 9a)

Tommie, I've sown some poppy, hollyhocks, bachelor's button, bluebonnets, dianthus, lupine, alyssum, forget me not, columbine.
These were sown in ground but unfortunately, rain came and it was hard! They probably got washed away so will have to sow more.
The poppies and hollyhocks are up...I will also do some in other seeds in pots.
I've got some nasturtiums ready to sow.

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