Pachypodium eburneum

Yardley, PA

Just brought my plants in for the winter and the eburneum has seed pods. I guess I will put a sandwich bag around the seed pods to catch the seeds.

Thumbnail by Sally0
Phoenix, AZ

Cool looking pod :)

Port Elizabeth, South Africa(Zone 10a)

Interesting! Love them.

Greensburg, IN(Zone 6a)

By the look of the seed pod and the leaves this must belong to the Adenium plants, I have several seed pods on mine, I wrap wire around them so the seeds don't fly away.

Thumbnail by kareoke
Greensburg, IN(Zone 6a)

this is the largest one

Thumbnail by kareoke
Dartmouth, NS(Zone 6a)

Sally, that P. eburneum looks great!! any chance I could buy some of the seeds?

Yardley, PA

Sure, I can send some to you. Email me - [email protected]

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

I had a P. eburneum in s-h. I just bought it in early spring. However, it died this summer. Maybe the heat was too much here. I just don't know what went wrong. Could have been watering also. I've just gotten new plant lights and am going to try another one.

Los Angeles, CA(Zone 10a)

I killed mine too. :-(

Yardley, PA

Sorry to hear that Nancy and amanzed. That is such a bummer. The older they are the less susceptible they seem to be.

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