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Favorite Magazines FREE

Southern California, CA

If you have a favorite magazine, instead of subscribing, take a look at what their internet site offers for FREE. Very often it is enough to get the ideas flowing. Then you can put your subscription-savings toward your decorating adventures instead of subscriptions. Here are a few sites I go to frequently:

Country Living:



Coastal Living:

Architectural Digest:

Kingman, AZ(Zone 7b)

I get country living magazine and it shows the same stuff online as in my last issue.

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

House Beautiful:

Southern Living:

Woman’s Day:

Better Homes and Gardens:

Good Housekeeping

This Old House

Family Circle

In Touch

Anyone know any more?

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Southern California, CA

Curves: That's interesting, you're seeing the same content as the magazine has on the internet version....

Wow! Thanks, Elena!

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

I haven't had time to do anything but look briefly at their home pages but I am dying to try them out. If any of you can come up with more, please share them with us. That was such a great idea on your part J2222. Thanks for getting the ball rolling for us.

Southern California, CA

Here's a few more:

Elle Decor:

House Beautiful:

Fresh Home:

Martha Stewart Living:

Real Simple:

Romantic Homes:

Traditional Home:

Ladies Home Journal:

Long List of Many Speciality Magazines:

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Wow! Thanks. Now I can afford to just sit and read all day and night. I guess I will need someone to lock the door to the computer room from time to time. I don't plan to take the laptop to the bathroom to replace the baskets of magazines there but one can never tell what will happen unless I use some self control.

Denver, CO(Zone 5b)

Just lurking here... :o) This will definitely stay on my watched list. Thank you for starting this J2222!

Birds and Blooms

Taste of Home


Old Farmers Almanac (not quite a "magazine")

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Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Wow! This is unreal. You guys are great!

Kingman, AZ(Zone 7b)

You will end up in the comfort of your recliner or bed either looking at those sites or this one like me. Nothing better on a rainy day or even a sunny day!

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

And just think of the money we will save. I am glad everyone will enjoy having the ability to do this free.

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

the only negative I can see is I can't cut out pictures and glue them in my inspiration binder. printing them out might work for some things.

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

I actually have an inspirational binder of sorts on my computer. I also keep it on my flashdrive so I can use it to show others who might be interested on their computers. I have an old laptop that I keep handy for that sort of thing too. Many things I see online I just take print screens of and put those in Word docs that are placed in folders under the title of what I am interested in such as gardening, or art, etc. You can copy pictures that you see and paste them into the word doc too. Did any of that make sense? I have a library of sorts with many different topics in their little yellow folders. My kids make fun of me because I have so many but they are so easy to reference, actually easier than a book or file box.

Southern California, CA

Elena, yes, I do this, too. are not crazy, or perhaps we are both a little nuts? ;-) I just started doing this. I used to print out photos of things I liked, but then I had to file the print outs...and filing is easy to put off until it's overwhelming, and DH complained I was using too much ink.....

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Don't people with like interests just love each other? I have been doing it for quite a long time. I have a history of loving libraries and volunteered in our very large church library for about 10 hours weekly for 20 years. Sorting, filing and storing media is a real love of mine so I guess it just comes naturally for me to turn the computer into a storage library of sorts. I have kept many boxes of well labeled stored magazine or newspaper photos for many, many years. I must look back over those when I get time and then dump the information that is no longer relative to anything I am doing these days. I will probably scan what I do want to keep and store it on the computer or one of my external hard drives. I have a 1T drive and am requesting a 2T one for Christmas. Oh my! Just can't get enough toys!!!!!

Southern California, CA

Isn't that a funny one....I love libraries, too! I used to volunteer at the school library when kids were small......they had the children write thank you cards to me one little kid wrote me: "Thank you for wasting your time at the library" I do not want to admit how many paper files I have.....I recently went through many of them, and threw stuff out, but I did keep many many things......of course.... ;-) A scanner would be the ultimate.....and then I'll be asking for larger drives, too. You gave me some great ideas, thanks.

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

WOW ... and now I have even more reason to be sitting here

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

I am always glad to help folks add to their addictions when they are harmless......or at least not as harmful as some things we could be doing. :>) Well, it could be least we aren't ax murderers!!!!!! Denimangle, you inspire me on to greater things whenever I read your posts wherever they happen to be. You are an enabler as well as I and aren't we pleased that we can help others? The more the merrier are welcome into our little enabling gang, I say..........

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Just so enough people keep subscribing to the paper magazines to keep them going. :-D Or they just might decide to charge for "online subscriptions" too as many of the newspapers do. Even the NYT online is preparing for that.

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

oh my Elena you make me is a big circle I believe we feed off each other ")
... I was thrilled the day I found T2T on DG just knowing there were other trashers out there to chat with and bounce ideas off of .

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Clarksville Gardener, I think as long as the magazines are supported mainly by ads, they can probably continue if even on a smaller scale. I know that many of the subscriptions that are offered are almost free when one considers the cost of mailing, etc. I figure the only way that they can do that and still make any money is because of the ads.

Demi, I am only saying what I feel in my heart, that you are an inspiration to those of us who try to be creative in a less costly manner. Personally I take great delight in restoring things to their former glory or creating new things out of old. I recently helped my daughter in her yard sale. After it was over I brought home a huge amount of things that she was going to trash or that the charity where she considered taking them would have trashed them. I spent weeks bringing them back to be almost like new things. My husband tickled me when he said that he was so proud to take and leave that bunch of stuff at the Good Will pick up site. Demi, now that I have you "cornered", did you ever make any more of those blue angels that I wanted to buy from you? Isn't it great that we have a place to congregate and share ideas? I feel that way about the Trash to Treasure forum and all of you guys.

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

Elena you are talking about this type of angel ?
I did make up some havent taken pictures yet . have a fundraiser to get to this after noon (for a young Vet that has lost both his legs and one arm) so sad .. ill try to get back to the shop for pictures tomorrow you wanted the clear glass & blue angels right

Thumbnail by denimangle
Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

For some reason your photo is not showing up right now (may be DG or may be my computer at fault) but I have a copy of what I want somewhere in my photo files. I will see if I can find it and send you. You had told me they aren't all alike and I told you I liked blue if you have it at any time. For Christmas, I also would like to have a Dr. Pepper trivet for my daughter who would like to steal mine. LOL

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I am no longer quite the optimist I once was. ^_^

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

I understand Cville. Once we have added a little age to our lives and look around us far and wide, that can happen. I too am not a "cockeyed optimist" (ref. the song) any longer.

The photo now shows up for me. Yes, that is the type I referred to.

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

Elena . I have DP bottles ready to go & ill check the angles in the morning to see what colors I made if no blues ill make one this week I have some other glass to fire ..

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

If you can come anywhere close to the colors in the one I sent you by private Dmail, let me know. That is the one you are keeping for yourself. (We both have great taste don't we? :>)) Send me photos of the colors you do have and let me choose. Don't make this a life or death matter as I have waited for a long time and don't mind waiting longer.

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

LOL yes we do ...she is the first .. must keep her :)

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

I understand.......She is YOUR angel.

Buckland, OH

I have another one

I use this a lot for my grandkids.

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Thanks for posting that. I will add it to my list.

Southern California, CA

leakari: Thanks! I'll use this one for GDDs!

Bridgewater, ME

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Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Good one!!! Wow! This list is awesome.

Southern California, CA

Thanks! I didn't know about the country sample mag....very nice ideas!

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

I save any books, both hardcover and pocket books and when I get a box full I take them to the VA hospital. When the library has book sales I go through their books and buy what I can to put in the box, even if they aren't something I would like myself. Everyone doesn't like the same things.

Now, I found out the other day by googling the VA donations that they will also take magazines. So, there is another outlet for any extras you all have.

Just a thought. Oh, BTW, someone also told me they like Jigsaw puzzles, and probably crossword puzzles, too. I didn't look on their site to see, but don't know why not. Any you have worked and are finished with I am sure would be appreciated. Cookies, candies, etc. (not used)

It was also suggested that senior centers like things like those. I am sure there are tons of places I have missed and you all are probably aware of them. So, any posts would be appreciated. If we put our heads together we could think of them I am sure. LIke maybe nursing homes . . . . . . . Another thought, possibly books could go into Christmas packages to the military fellows and gals in foreign countries???

Seems once you start thinking, all kinds of things pop into your head. LOL, have a nice Thanksgiving everyone. Jeanette

mulege, Mexico

The schools here like to get donations of old magazines. So do the kids. There are very few magazines or books for sale here. I look for things in Spanish when I'm in the US. Tony's daughter loves books and loves to read. I've brought her lots of books in Spanish and craft books which are mostly in English but have lots of pictures. She's in high school now and will probably follow her two older brother to college. kb

Southern California, CA

Jnette: Thanks for the ideas on helping others.....many of us think of these projects at this time of year, but donations are needed year round. I just stuff to my local VietNam vets trucks parked in various locations near here. I am appalled by some neighbors who throw good stuff in the trash.....yes, it's good for those of us who go dump diving, but think of all the good stuff that is wasted.....

katie: Tony's kids seem very smart and interested in school, too...a wonderful combination....they will go far and more likely to keep out of trouble.....give yourself a pat on the back for helping to guide Tony's DD in the right direction.....

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