What Brand Of Waterless Cookware Do you Use?

Wauseon, OH(Zone 5a)

I am looking to buy a set of Waterless Cookware and would like to know what Brand of Waterless Cookware you use?

I am looking at World's Finest Cookware, does any one have this brand of cookware?

Do you like it PRO and CON'S on it.

What are the PRO and CON'S on your cookware?

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I only know one person (actually his parents) who have waterless cookwear. I believe he said they bought it at one of those home sales parties where the vendor/salesman cooked dinner for the host and their guests and then tried to get everyone to buy a set. They've had their set since the 70's or so from what I understand.

I'm not exactly sure what waterless cookware is though or the benefits=)

What did you decide on?

Wauseon, OH(Zone 5a)

To tell you the turth about where you buy the Waterless Cookware is up to you, but I do have to say you can get the same quality of cookware from ChoiceCookery.com or RealCooks.com and save allot and be verey happy with the same quality cookware without spending ALL that hard earned dollars.

I got a set of Chef's Secret and I am very happy with the set and I could not belive the very HIGH QUALITY they have for and I saved 80% on what those people get from the vendor/salesman cooked dinner for the host and their guests.

I am very much so happy with there CUSTOMER SERVIVE also.

Would I reccommend you to them, I would have to say YES.

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