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Basket-type brug

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Over a year ago I purchased a cutting of Inca Sun (I think that was the name.......lost the tag.......) from Logees that was supposed to be good for hanging basket growth. It has been wonderful, it's blooming gangbusters right now. What I'm wondering is..............if I take a cutting of one of my other brugs from the "Y" will it grow too big to put in a large hanging basket? The one I have is 24 inches across and quite deep. Or should I go even farther out and take a *Y* from a *Y*??? Anybody tried this?

La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

Kenboy had a bunch of different Brugs growing in hanging pots. His Orange Sunshine seemed the best suited for growing in hanging pot because the distance between "Y"s was very short. Somewhere in the Brug forum, there is a thread discussion about Brugs in hanging baskets, but I don't remember if many specific Brugs were mentioned. You would have to try different ones and see what happens. Most will grow too big for hanging baskets very quickly. Brug root systems are usually too large and quickly outgrow the basket. Try to find Brugs that have "Y"s set close together. I used to have a Brug with "Y"s no closer than 2' - 2-1/2'. Something like that would be unsuitable for a hanging basket. The single orange flowers were gorgeous, but there weren't too many of them and the plant took up a lot of room. I finally tossed it.

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