Well done Samantha Stosur

Just having watched the Umerican Open.
What a proud day for us Aussies.
Sam Stosur won over that disgraceful Umerican S. Williams
There were 23,000 parochial Umerican spectators.
They should be totally ashamed of themselves at their treatment of Sam during and after the match.
Sam did us Aussies proud by congratulating S. Williams during her post match speech.
Pity it was not returned by SW.
At least we Aussies can hold our heads high.

I was going to add a Picture of Sam here but decided not to.
My daughter and Sam went to Helensvale High School together.

Why am I not surprised that S Williams only received a 2,000 Pound penalty for her appalling tirade at the Chair Umpire.

Had that been our Lleyton Hewitt, he would have been given a 3 month ban and fined more than $20,000.

I guess IT is called the us Cup.
Run by the us nation,.
And adjudicated by us officials.

What more can one say ???

Clifton Springs, Australia

Those fingernails probably cost more than that.....what a joke.

OK then, I have been asked by D-mail to post the Picture of Sam Stosur.
So due to popular demand here it is.
All five girls are in Helensvale School Uniform.
Sam and my daughter came second in the Queensland High School Girls doubles that year.
Not a bad effort considering.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Sydney, Australia

Wow Ginger that is really something.
Sam is probably going to be the next great Australian Tennis Champion and to know her is awesome!

Clifton Springs, Australia

A photo to treasure, Ginger...........I can easily spot Sam, but which one is your daughter?
C'mon, brag a little.

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She is the good looking one of cause.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Not fair, they are all beautiful.....lol

How wonderful was that ?

I just watched a ½ hour special on Brisvegas Chan. 9. (3pm to 3-30)
Sam Stosur was given the keys of the Gold Coast City by Mayor, Ron Clark.
Ron Clark was himself an Olympic Gold Medallist. (a few years ago)
Sally Pearson who won the World 100m Hurdles a few days ago also got a set of keys to the Gold Coast. http://resources3.news.com.au/images/2011/09/03/1226128/909983-sally-pearson.jpg
She also went to Helensvale High School.

Well done Sam & Sally.

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