Interspecific Geranium (cross between a zonal & ivy)

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I grew 4 types of geraniums this year and am very impressed with one that is a Interspecific called Calliope Dark Red (cross of Ivy & zonal) from Syngenta. The Interspecific types are genetic crosses between a zonal & ivy or zonal & regal geranium. Calliope is a gorgeous dark red and has a nice mounding habit that works well in a mixed basket. The flower clusters are quite large like a zonal, but not quite as around ball shape. The leaves are large like a zonal, but no markings with similarities to an ivy geranium. Anyways, the Calliope Dark Red is my favourite annual this year. Love the colour and performance. I planted the Calliope Dark Red in hanging baskets, planters and direct in ground. It looks awesome in all locations. They are a big plant. Next spring, there will be another Interspecific variety that will be in stores called Cumbanita from Dummen Red Fox. I',m going to put them on my shopping list for next year. In the picture, I have them (Calliope) in the barrel planters & in the window basket. There is an Ivy Geranium in a basket hanging from the tree as well.
video of Plant trials intro for Cumbinata

Thumbnail by joannabanana
Lake Stevens, WA

Interesting video! Like to see those next year. Double blooms, yes!! I grew one of the 'calliope' geranium fanstastic; Red, is a blue dark red rather than warm under tones of red. Looks like red velvet. Your flowers are fantastic, have seen other pictures of yours on another thread. Just WOW!

I noticed you have some deep purple petunias in the high window box. Your window box is stunning! Anyway are those the new black velvet ones? What did you think of those this year? I had all three didn't like so much.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Those petunias are started from seed (seed varieties tend to out last vegetative- cuttings when you compare performace for the entire season in hanging baskets) Ramblin' New Blue is what is in the over the window boxes. The Ball Black Velvet, Phantom & Pinstripe varieties are all vegetative and have a upright/ mounding growth habit. So they would be ok for a planter, but not my choice for a hanging basket since they only grow about 15" high/ wide. The spreading types are much better for a hanging basket since they will dangle with 2 to 3 feet branching. There is a new black petunia variety that will be available in the Spring called Black Satin, from Dummen Red Fox. It is supposed to be more spreading habit than the Ball Black Velvet, so that one may be a better choice for flower power & vigor in a basket. A couple of years ago I quit my mechanical techy career and started working at a local grower, so my passion for flowers has been hightenned. I just accepted a promotion for production & inventory control, so now I have info on the new varieties early. I still start a lot of stuff from seed, but it is nice to try the new varieties too. I seem to find room to cram all the plants in the yard. I have a lot in containers & baskets.

Lake Stevens, WA

Yes you do and they are fantastic. Thanks for all the info. Have you seen better pictures of the new geraniums in the video? What a dream job you have!

Lake Stevens, WA

No, that doesn't work. Keep us posted. When you get that into the greenhouse were you work send out a picture. Can't wait.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Ok, just go into the 1st part of the Dummen web site and you may be prompted to select the language from German to English. Let me know it that works.

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