HELP! my azalea (rhododendron member) is infested!

Stow, OH(Zone 5b)

My once lively and rapid growing azalea is now losing its leaves, which have a very sickly appearance! The underside of the leaves have a bunch of small, dark brown spots (they look like tiny oil spots)...the tops of the leaves have a "moldy" appearance, although there isn't any actual mold on them! I love this peach and cream flowering azalea...PLEASE HELP!

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Groveland, FL

looks like lacebug damage.

Decatur, GA(Zone 7b)

I agree with nel5397. I also have some trouble with lacebugs on azaleas, though not as much as in previous years. I spray with neem oil to control and it works but may require mutiple applications. It is a much greater problem with the azaleas that get the most sun. Also I've done a better job in the past couple of years of topdressing with compost in the spring keeping my plants well mulched. The healthier they are the better they resist. I don't think the damage is generally fatal to the plant but it can certainly be unsightly. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I have will chime in. Good luck, I know it can be distressing.

Stow, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh THANK YOU both so much! I have been treating it for mold disease but didn't think about bugs! (And LORD KNOWS I have enough darn bugs around here!!) I'm going to get something to treat gardens for pillbugs, those little kinda greenish clear worms that eat leaves, spider mites, aphids and I'll add lace bugs to the ever growing list...LOL...
This azalea is in a primarily shady place (I noted the comment about more sun making problem worse) and is in a you recommend changing the soil?

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