Is an I D possible?

Ellerbe, NC(Zone 8a)

I know it is virtually impossible to I D most NOIDs, but there's always hope, right?

I purchased these 2 Hibiscus off of ebay several years ago as 8 inch rooted cuttings ... they were both supposed to be 'Black Dragon'. My old computer crashed along with the ID of the seller, so no hope there.

I'm hoping someone here may recognize them.

NOID - 1

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Ellerbe, NC(Zone 8a)

Here is NOID -2

This one has some yellow blushing on the ends of the petals ... I'll show it in a third pic.

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Ellerbe, NC(Zone 8a)


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Kenner, LA

Wish you can find the seller's name and post it here because whatever he/she sold you was definitely not Black Dragon. They are pretty though.

I thought NOID-1 is Climax, but Climax does not have that dark eye. It maybe the Tahitian Flag or Tahitian Sun Giant, a big maybe.

I hope someone can help you.

Good luck.

Clinton, CT(Zone 6b)

Hi, The first one I think is Bienvenue. No exactly sure though. Here is the link for the first one, although your leaves look a bit smaller then these. I have this cv, its a beauty. But my leaves are a bit bigger then yours. What are the size of the blooms of both NOIS"s? The second, if a mini, might be Zoey, but thats just a guess. Here is the link on Zoey,

At first look (without enlarging your photo, I thought it was Fantasy Charm) But that one it huge and I don't think it has yellow in it.

Ellerbe, NC(Zone 8a)

Thanks Blupit, I know how hard it is to put a name to a 'face' ... but, now that you say 'Bienvenue' it seems I remember they were selling that one too. NOID 1 is a full 7 inches. At least today. LOL
NOID 2 is a little bit smaller, it's 6 inches. They both are grown in full sun. No shade to be had around here.

I have 'Snowfire' and would like to take cuttings from it .... would it be better to wait for springr? I thought I could use my fluorescents to try and root them. Have a small greenhouse to overwinter stuff in for later.


pic is 'Snowfire' ... it usually has more streaks of yellow in it.

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Clinton, CT(Zone 6b)

Hi Roxanne,
My Bienvenue likes a bit of shade as she can get a bit wilty in the intense sun... or maybe yours is just used to it.. I dont know.. Hmmm. Looks the part if you ask me though.

My "official" set up for cuttings is this. I got myself a fish tank with a glass top. Put a seed starter heat mat inside of it (put a small layer of gravel in first so it water can evaporate from beneath the mat.) And it is under fluorescent lights. You have a set up like this one, in a room inside your house, you can take cuttings any time of the year.

Ellerbe, NC(Zone 8a)

Thanks Blupit ... I have a homemade greenhouse they spend the winter in so they get plenty of light, at least when it shines. Our winters are short here in NC and I get them outside asap in the spring. I guess they are used to it.... I do have to water them twice a day sometimes in July and Aug. though. But they're worth it. I'd have a dozen if I had the room. I have an eclectic collection and have never really been able to concentrate on one thing and get really good at growing it. LOL

I have a florescent plant stand left over from my African Violet phase. I'm going to try covering it with plastic to conserve humidity .. hmmm maybe this is a good excuse to buy that heat mat I've been wanting. LOL I'll let you know if I have any luck. My hibiscus are getting really leggy ... especially the Snowfire I've had it about 8 years now. They all need cut back so they can start branching out before they go in the greenhouse this fall. Sometimes we have decent weather here until Thanksgiving.


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