Fall 2011 AV&G Forum Bingo Interest Thread

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye . . . the Fall 2011 AV&G Bingo Interest thread has begun!

It has been TOO hot, and TOO dry (for me) all summer, and the weather has had me bummed the whole time.

I have therefore decided . . . it is time for Bingo!

Now, for those of you who have not played Bingo with me before, if I do say so myself . . . I run a mean game of Bingo . . . and I mean that in the nice way! The way I figure it, it is still hot in most of the country. But, by the time about 2 weeks goes by for interest/sign-up, then at least a month to play the game . . . by the time everything is said and Bingo'd, the weather will be cool enough to ship any prizes that may contain live plant material . . .

So, with that in mind, please let me know if you are interested! I will start a list of names as they come in here on this post, then will post the How's & Why's this weekend . . .


Players for Fall 2011 Bingo:

1. lbrabec - Lynn
2. dispatcher1 - Lou
3. imadigger - Eileen
4. bsimpson1972 - Olaf
5. jamiew -
6. Debsroots
7. kaykay1010
8. EarleG
9. Carpathiangirl

If someone would like to donate a prize, please dmail me with details. Only broad details will be given on this thread regarding prizes – 2 $20.00 prizes, plant of choice, surprise package, etc. Prizes will be labeled as #1, #2, #3, etc.(not necessarily in the order they are listed below). Once the “bingo” calls begin, the Bingo person will choose a number, and will be awarded the prize assigned to that number. The person donating the prize will be notified via dmail with delivery info . . .

Bingo prizes donated so far:

* $10.00
* $25 or $25 gift certificate to vendor of choice
* Surprise
* plant or plants

Plant List!!!!!
African Violets
1. Alchemy Antique Bells
2. Alchemy Yellow Star
3. Blueberry Candy
4. California Sunset
5. Dark Night of the Soul
6. Dawn Michelle
7. Dolores' Evan
8. Fairy Tales
9. Frosted Redhead
10. Hector
11. Irish Luck
12. Mac's Black Jack
13. Mac's Glacial Grape
14. Mac's Just Jeff
15. Midget Valentine
16. Morgan's Drifters Rose
17. Nymph Fly
18. Optimara Little Hopi II
19. Rob's Outer Orbit
20. Rob's Penguin Suit
21. Rob's Seduction
22. Ruby Treasure
23. Sassy Shirley
24. Senk's Green Goddess
25. Senk's Vespa Verde
26. Senk's Whisper of Pink
27. Senk's Yellow Starfish
28. Teeny Weeny
29. Thunder Surprise
30. Toyland
31. Tsunami
32. Wee Ted
33. Winnergreen

34. Bristol’s Black Light
35. Bristol’s Pomegranite
36. Franken Dainty Lady
37. Franken Mulberry Lady
38. Franken Velvet Lady
39. Museum of Art
40. Romeo
41. Serendipity
42. Teo

43. Connect the Dots
44. Ozark Coral Freckles
45. Ozark Fireworks
46. Ozark First Born
47. Ozark Blazing Embers

48. Aurora
49. Fimbriata Blue Heaven
50. Jim’s Hall Choice

51. Menglingensis
52. Momo
53. Rosettiifolia

54. Gracilis Red Elf
55. Humilis
56. Humilis Topaz
57. Thai Pink

58. Linearifolia
59. Little Dragon
60. Nimbus
61. Sp. Viet nam

62. Betane
63. Carnival
64. Jester
65. Little Gubbin
66. Peridots Karaoke

67. Boehme
68. Carnival
69. Linearis Purple Robe
70. Firebird
71. Light Prince
72. Midget
73. Starburst
74. Turandot
75. Yellow Bird

Jannich has volunteered to be the Card Holder for this game . . . each participant should submit their “card” with 25 choices to her no later than September 30, 2011, so you have time to look over the list!

We will be playing for a Bingo "blackout" - where all 25 plants on your "card" need to be called before you can call Bingo. There will be 1-2 calls made per day, with some "bonus" calls made throughout the month. It is up to each player to keep up their cards and call Bingo! (now, if someone goes out of town during the game for whatever reason, arrangements can be made to have someone else manage your card while you are away).

Bingo WILL begin on Saturday, October 1, 2011 . . . .

If anyone has any questions, please ask!

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Thumbnail by Syrumani
Alum Bridge, WV

OK, but i have no idea what i'm saying yes to....

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Count me in.


Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

count me in also. Thanks, Lou

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

I'm in too! I've played before on another forum. It's fun.

Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

I haven't played so far but I sure would like to participate.

Alum Bridge, WV

i still have no idea of what i've agreed to...........Explanation please.

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

Vadis - I've updated the first post . . . please let me know if you have any questions . . . ^_^

Alum Bridge, WV

Too complicated for an old guy like me....please drop me from the game.

Montgomery, AL

I'm in, it's fun. Where is everyone?

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

Vadis - it's ok if you don't want to play this game. But I would like to suggest that you follow the threads throughout the game, just so you can see what it is like, how simple it really is . . . so that for next game, you'll be up and ready to go! ^_^


Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

Yea,where is everyone? Come on out and play bingo with us.

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

maybe we need to Dmail everyone?

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

I've sent one wave of dmails out to past players . . . will go send more . . . but spread the word to all your other friends that may be interested . . . especially the newer members . . . ^_^

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Northwest, MO(Zone 5a)

count me in....this is so much fun

Cincinnati, OH

I'd like to play

Akron, OH(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the invitation Nichole, count me in! Hope my Fall gallop will be done by the time the game starts, hehe

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

What's your fall gallop?

Akron, OH(Zone 5a)

Well, Lynn -- it's a gallop I really enjoy, just wish i had more than 24 hours a day lol. Here is what for:
trimming, pruning, weeding, dividing, transplanting, finishing the new beds, collecting some seeds, repotting and cleaning the pots and finally evacuating the potted plants back inside after their summer vacation, somewhere around 300 of them. I have to tell you it's the best weight loss program ever! Maybe that 's why Fall is my second fav season, after spring of course.

Akron, OH(Zone 5a)

One of the beds in progress

Thumbnail by carpathiangirl
Akron, OH(Zone 5a)

So exited about my first Buddleia

Thumbnail by carpathiangirl
Akron, OH(Zone 5a)

I'm not sure any more -- are those cannas or monsters?

Sorry for hijacking the thread, just couldn't resist to share, gardens are my passion, anybody else willing to show yours? could be fun

OK no more, promise!

Thumbnail by carpathiangirl
(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

You are wearing me out,but the results are well worth it.Beautiful plants!


Montgomery, AL

I envy your energy level. I'm off to an Endocrinolgy surgeon Monday(got a benign parathyroid tumor to take out)- I'll ask him to zap me with some energy and metabolism too (who wouldn't like to lose weight!?). Don't answer Olaf- men always stay fit, it seems, and with all those sinningia crosses, it's obvious that you go, go, go.

Akron, OH(Zone 5a)

Good luck Jamie, I just learned I got some thyroid problems as well and my mom had it removed completely. She's doing well now so I'm sure you're gonna be a busy beaver quite soon. My energy is fed by my plants, I'd be a different person without them

Thumbnail by carpathiangirl
Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

@Jamie: Well, I'm not sure if I can agree with that... My grandmother would be the perfect example of someone who just kept going and going. Compared to her, I'm a lazy, little brat. :)

Oh, and the good thing about Sinningias is that they take, well, less than optimal conditions (missed waterings, excruciating temperatures, too much or too little light etc. - and that's only the list of things that I keep on doing wrong...) like soldiers. And that's why we love them all so much! :)

I'm sorry to hear about your Thyroid. My mother had Thyroid problems pretty much all her adult life. I wish you the best for your surgery and a speedy recovery!

This is Eucodonia 'Tiny Tot'.

Thumbnail by bsimpson1972
Montgomery, AL

Thanks all. Tiny Tot is so cute and fuzzy. I have noticed that the few Sinningias that I have now are pretty carefree, but my Streps. keep failing, slo.w.l.y... one. . by .. one...

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

********Plant list is now available on first post********************

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

I have my BINGO list ready. Need link to dmail Jannich.

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

You can either click on her name upwards in the thread, or here is Jannich member page: http://davesgarden.com/members/jannich/

Northeast, MO(Zone 5b)

I didn't get the memo on this one LOL!!. It would be hard for me to play anyway, I have to go to AR mid Oct. and not sure how long I will have to stay. Anyone who hasn't played, please sign up. The past games have been so much fun!!


Frederick, MD(Zone 7a)

I wish I could join in but won't be able to keep up as much as I would like to. But, I will check in now and then to follow along and enjoy the game anyway. Have fun you guys!

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

I am playing and can also watch anyone's cards if needed,unless something unexpected comes up.


Atco, NJ

Hi Nichole!

I'm back after a very, very long absence. Just rejoined today! I'd love to join in on the bingo game. I'll send my list in tomorrow. Nice to see some familiar names still here.


(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Welcome back!


Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

PAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

Welcome back, Pat. Good seeing you here again.

Atco, NJ

Thanks everyone! It's nice to be back.

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

Ok, today is the day, and later on I will start the official Bingo thread. At last count, we had 9 out of 10 cards submitted, so don't forget to submit your card by this afternoon!

I will also have the "master" call list - the same as last game. There will be one post (maybe two), and I will use that to cross off the plants as they are called, so if anyone misses a call, they can refer to that post.

Just a few more hours!!!!!

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

Let's go here!!!!


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