Daily chuck-le # 7

PERTH, Australia

It doesn't matter how big or how small, if you've chucked anything for recycling, into the rubbish bin or have donated or sold anything cluttering up your life, tell us about it here.

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Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I've been quite busy clearing out stuff. I no longer have "junk". It's all gone. I do have some good quality items and scrapbooking supplies that I'm selling in a flea market booth. This week, I sold $100 worth of stuff and traded $200 worth of stuff for labor I needed for some projects I needed done.

I also donated a bunch of odds and ends to a friend who had a yard sale to make money for her son's band trip next year.

I'm also donating some new Christmas ornaments and decor and some new scrapbooking supplies to our charity auction. I'll prepare two big baskets--one with the Christmas stuff and one with the scrapping stuff. Each basket will be auctioned off, along with all the other donations, to earn money for medicine assistance and cancer support programs.

I also managed to dump some small storage containers I'd been holding onto and never used. Sent them to recycle.

Now I have to figure out what to do with my old flat panel computer monitor that won't work. I might see if a friend who repairs things can use it for parts on Mon.

I've been doing pretty good at keeping things under control. I'm really liking not having so much stuff. Cleaning is a lot easier now, so I can clean more often--CAN, but probably WON'T. LOL

Crozet, VA

Thanks for the thread Margaret. This is a really fun thread. I am often laughing when I read one liners that folks write. Haven't done much in the area of chucking myself this past week but am really happy to report that younger son recently purchased a car and he spent several hours last evening cleaning it out from the errant previous owner who must have thought he was farming in the car. John told me there was duck feed bags and duck decoys....his estimation was the previous owner was a hunter. Seems as if he would have wanted these things before passing the vehicle along though. Who knows....maybe he considered it his chuck for the week. hahaha

Coleup....loved your thoughts on exerting physical energy. Yep, all the ways you mentioned are a good way to rid our bodies of pent up stress. All you gals are tops in my book and I appreciate hearing about how you are dealing with bothersome issues in your lives.

Have a great week coming up everyone.


Crozet, VA

Today is the day...today is the day....today is the day.....the last items needing to be chucked from my plant room summer project will be leaving and the plants will begin coming back inside. I set up a new shelving unit yesterday afternoon and it is ready to begin serving as a home to some of my over two hundred houseplants. That is going to be a lot of trips in and out the door the next few days.

Happy chucking all.


Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Oh, lovely uncluttered thread...thanks, Margaret!

Had some spare time today. Spent it cleaning a table in the carport piled high with stuff that is going bye-bye. Baseball caps, kitchen clutter, etc., etc. Some plastic packaging went in the recycle, but that was all.

We are replacing the roof on our greenhouse and I am monitoring myself very carefully so I don't end up saving any of the old materials. This will be a big breakthrough for me if I can recycle it all.

Keep on chucking everyone!

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

Boy ,I was gone for 3 weeks and WOW...LOL..Great work everyone..no matter how small the chuck...ive started another GW bag,put 6 sleeveless tshirts in it,dh says they make him feel creepy,...LOL..I think he still looks good in them,but no mattter,off they go..wanting to get the Camperette cleaned and packed for storage,has been raining everyday since we returned home a weekago today..Its a popup so it needs to dry before we fold it back up,at least all the salt and sand have been washed off by the rain ,I still need to scrub the vinal tho.Trying to catch up on Daves and ATP...Ha...have a great day all

Crozet, VA

Hi Everyone - I too have been missing in action for about three weeks too. Was still at home mainly, but life became so busy that I didn't have the time to access Dave's which is one of my very favorite websites. I am hoping that with the cooler temperatures a slower pace of living will accompany it.

I have taken the first step necessary in order to chuck two large bags full and a medium sized cardboard box of old papers dating back to the 1920's. WOW!!! The papers were found last winter when I was doing a major de-cluttering of my home and storage shed. These are business papers that belonged to my grand father and somehow evidently my folks ended up with them and held on to them all through their lives and they somehow got transferred to my place unbeknownst to me until recently.

The papers are mainly bank records and lumber business transactions from the twenties through the forties. There are also mixed within the papers personal correspondence and greeting cards that my grand mother and grand dad kept. When first finding them I was rushed and didn't really have time to go through everything but on occasion I would stop and read a letter written from either my dad or his siblings to their parents. How very interesting to hear of the day to day details of folks living back before many of the modern conveniences that we all take for granted.

The papers are out of the closet where they have spent the last several months and they are ready for me to begin going through and sorting and getting things together to share with my cousins at a Family Reunion on October 15. I will keep the ones that interest me the most. I was named after my grand mother so I will keep most of the personal things addressed to her.

I have been truly amazed at the excellent condition of the papers. Some are coming upon being one hundred years old. Amazing.

Anyway.....that will be the extend of my chucking for some time to come. I will check in and report when they have all found new homes.


PERTH, Australia

Ruby, that's amazing finding those old letters and documents. Maybe consider taking photos of the most interesting ones and storing them electronically before passing them on or discarding them. It must be like having a glimpse into an alien world.

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

Wow cool to read that kind of family history, ..Definitly interesting.

OK Ive been good I deleted and moved a ton of photos and defragged my PC,also Ive made Folders to drop photos into instead of just dumping and running....LOL

Got the popup all cleaned and ready for storage.also washed 1000 miles of road grime off my truck

Helped my Neibor haul out 2 huge pieces of carpet right into my truck then it will go in my Bathroom...Yaya.free carpet ...My linolium in my bath is sooo dated,im wanting to (needing to repaint) but i was dragging my feet ...the floor is hunter green with white grout lines sooo dictating...Im Happy and my neibor is happy,Yes Brand new Berber.NUETRAL Colors.YAYA

Crozet, VA

Margaret, thank you for mentioning making copies. I hadn't thought about it, but there are documents I feel I should pass on to cousins, but I too find them fascinating, so making a copy for myself is just as good. Thanks for the idea.

Huggergirl......wow, busy as a bee. I love freebies. Share some pictures if you can after the carpeting is installed. We love pictures you know. Well,, you are way ahead of me in terms of organizing photos. For two winters one of the projects I had hoped to do was to create different files for the photos and I haven't yet gotten to it. This will be winter number three and hopefully I will be able to start doing what I have been hoping to do before now.

I also want to start a record of my elephant collection. I have many, many and want to number and describe them and list where they came from and who they came from and if the price is known, I want to record that also. At the moment they are all packed away in storage waiting for me to have the time to begin this project before displaying them again. This project along with sorting and organizing the photos are going to be major undertakings, so I am not really too anxious to do either of them yet. Hopefully some lazy winter afternoons will work to allow me to at least get started.

Anyway.....good going hugger.....you done good.


Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Well our weather has cooled down to mid 80s so I have been working on rehabbing the flower and vegetable gardens for next spring.

Last week I had a helper two days because of the rain. He works for the HOA landscape company and they were not working. Our area was clear so he worked for me. Helped both of us. Then he worked 8 hours today so I am getting a lot done.

I have developed sever congestive heart failure. I went to the hospital end of August by ambulance because I could not breathe. My lungs were full of fluid. 2007 my heart was great, 2011 current problem. They are narrowing in on a virus problem..They have ruled out everything else. Thank the Lord, my heart is in bad shape and I feel great. My cholesterol is good and my arteries are clear.

One thing new is when I get tired, I quit. I did some work today, like moving plants, but my worker did the majority. My main problem in my landscape is tree roots. I found more today and he dug them up.

We lost our female Schnauzer two weeks ago Sunday. She was 12, and she had been ill. Now our cat has been missing for 5 days. She is 18 but still very active. She goes in and out the doggy door. A neighbor stopped by this morning and said we had coyotes in the neighborhood last week.

Then this morning my DH fell going upstairs this morning. I was walking the male schnauzer and when we came back, my DH was just getting up on the landing midway up. He really hit. Skinned up his head, shoulder, arm and hand. And he does not remember what happened.

I did clean out the bookshelves in the great room the day before Labor Day. They were having a sale for my niece's daughter's school for a trip to Washington DC. I got rid of all but about 10 books. Probably got rid of over 50.

So that is my story and I am sticking to it. Hugs to all of you and be happy, healthy and safe. Sharon

PERTH, Australia

Sharon, that's terrible. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog and the missing cat and your poor husband's injuries. Falls are scarey things, even if no injury results. It erodes your confidence. Hugs.

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

OMG,what a bad week..sending hugs take care..

Ruby sounds like great cold weather projects,Id like to do that some day mark all my Collectible pieces.LOL...we will see..

im getting rid of a stack of magazines and a stack of books,going to go through a few more books,an off they go...with the Bag of clothes,and a comforter set.

Crozet, VA

Dear, dear Sharon - I am really happy to hear from you but good grief, what a lot of sadness and dangerous sounding things are going on at your place. So sorry about the dog and possibly the cat now. So, so sorry. We had to put down one of our pet goats a few weeks ago too because he had injured himself someway and was basically paralyzed in the back legs. It is so sad when we lose animals that we love.

Really scary about Vern's fall too. Poor guy. I know that his worsening condition is worrisome for you. I hope this was a fluke and won't happen again any time soon. Yes indeed, you hit the nail on the head about falling and losing confidence in oneself. John begged me for quite a while before I relented and began using a walking cane when I leave the house or go in the yard. I almost fall a lot. I am usually able to catch my balance before going down, but I have gone down on several occasions.

I am so glad that you can report that you feel as well as you do. That is a blessing. I can tell that it is nothing worse than having a mind that has desires and body that won't cooperate. Stinks, big time. I am very happy to hear the report that you are learning to slow down a bit and not run around like the house is on fire. I am preaching to myself as I write this too. I have been feeling overwhelmed by to-do lists for some time now and not making a lot of progress. I need to remember as you do too, that we are no longer spring chickens and now we both have health issues that will demand we treat our bodies better that we were able to get away with for many years. In your case, it doesn't hurt to have a son who is a doctor. hahaha I am sure he does a bit of preaching to you too.

Anyway......you made my day by writing. I miss talking with you but I have been ultra, ultra busy for about a month now and haven't had computer time like I used to have it seems. I have a lot of watched threads that I haven't accessed for weeks now. I will get around to them in all good time though.

Margaret and Hugger, always good to hear from you two also. Here is hoping that all reading will have a good week coming up. Take care and be well all.


Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

After a very chaotic summer I have finally gotten back to clearing out closets. I filled two trash bags with jeans and shorts I finally admit I will never fit into again! lol

I also shredded a lot of paperwork that is no longer needed. Lots more of that to go!

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

I did the same thing with some clothes. I determined if I fit back into the clothes, the only way would be if I was very ill. I will take the few extra pounds. Sharon

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

Boy I know that feeling too ...too Tight ....LOL...i took the books now the bag today. Been busy playing puppy mom,2 puppies = 2 little Indians...LOL

Crozet, VA

Good going ladies. I am in the process of sorting papers, some dating back almost one hundred years to divide with my family members. When I finally sat down to start working with them on Monday, I realized that it will be a much large project than I originally thought it might be. I am having to hand each and every piece in order to see which family member the document should go to.

This will be my chuck for some time to come.

Hope that everyone will have an enjoyable weekend.


annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Good morning Ruby, and Happy Birthday!

No chucking required today, just pleasant enjoyment of all you have accomplished!

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Boise City, OK(Zone 6a)

Rubyw, while going through mom's belongings we came across an envelope from China dating 1933. She had a penpal who had written a lovely letter and enclosed a water color drawing of an old farmer. I found some oriental fabric of the same color scheme and used that as a background and framed the letter, drawing and envelope behind glass in an old oblong frame so others could enjoy them without handling the fragile papers.
It might be fun to display some of the lumberyard papers with small tools or tape measures or the banking papers in the office area. I know we can't keep everything or there is too much clutter but I like to find a new home for old family things.

Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Good ideas, Lizardbreath. I just had to key that moniker, Tamara. :-)

Sharon, I hope you have had a fabulous week to make up for the terrible one. Hang in there!
Hugger, you sound like you are having so much fun with your chores. Kiss those pups for me!

I have cut a pile of unsightly, rotting lumber into firewood.
I donated the pages of my food log and 2009 bank statements to the firestarter box.
I went from summer clothes to winter and got rid of some items. Hooray!

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

Got rid of lot of planters and small plastic plant pots I didn't really need. I had saved way more than I ever will use!

Boise City, OK(Zone 6a)

We are getting our first snow this evening so now I can get rid of lots of pots and planters too. The garden is officially over for this year. I don't have to try to save it for just one more day to try to harvest just one more "something". I am not covering anything this season.
Grandbabies coming this weekend so I just don't feel the need to cover and save anything. I am more than ready to be finished with this garden. The drought and heat this year made it almost more than I wanted to do. I think the girls will enjoy getting out and helping me "chuck" all the dead plants and clean the beds. They are still little enough they want to help.
Maybe I can get the big kids to help organize the seeds so we can get rid of another whole pile of gardening necessities cluttering my house.

Huckleberry6, my husband came up with the nickname for Elizabeth!

Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Love it! Maybe I will try it on my sister, instead of "el".

Two weeks ago, I gathered a box full of Halloween & Autumn stuff to take to my consignment lady. I was just going to give it to her as it didn't amount to much. She did not want it at all. It sat in my trunk since then. Today I took it to a new second-hand store (not an oxymoron) and she gave me $6.00 cash on the spot!!! I nearly ran out of the shop in case she changed her mind. Whoo Hoo!

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

That sounds like a win/win!!

Boise City, OK(Zone 6a)

Today I kept the house warm and got rid of quite a few green tomatoes, peppers, onions and cukes by pickling them. My husband is more than ready to be able to see our kitchen counters again. He will appreciate all this food in the winter but lately the garden has just been a mess maker as far as he is concerned.
My youngest (teen) took several bags of clothes to thrift store and found out how much room there is in a closet floor when things that are outgrown are gone!

Crozet, VA

Great going everyone. Good to see that chucking is still alive and well and much needed by so many of us. I too love the idea of framing something along the lines of the way you did the Chinese memorbilia. How cool.....I love oriental.

How cute about the nickname. Too cute!!!

Oh my gosh ladies......the clock on the wall is reading almost 1 PM. I slept until almost 11 AM, so I am really getting a very late start today. Yesterday I suppose what I did can be considered my chucking for the day. Even though I have a to do list that is full, I got side tracked which seems to be par for the course and ended up working with houseplants. I have been trying to do better with the maintenance and have decided to try to supply the plants I have living in water with fresher water more often than I have been known to do in the past. I much prefer looking at clean water versus scuzzy water. I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning the plants and ridding the vases of dead leaves and too long roots if needed. Even after sending hubby to compost with a full bucket of kitchen compost earlier yesterday, I almost filled the small bucket again with plant debris. So, the plant debris will need to count as my chuck for the day.

Just wanted to say that it is good to see some new folks posting. I always like hearing from new to me folks....we have a lot to learn from each other. Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope the upcoming week is good for all.


Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

Cleaned out the fridge...pitched soy sauce, chutney, sour cream & some lunch meat that was all past its prime!

Crozet, VA

Nanny, great reminder for me. My son has been complaining for weeks about some of the items I have in the top freezer part of refrigerator. Maybe I will surprise him today by chucking some of it.


Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

My DH is the cook and he buys the stuff he needs but never thinks to clear out stuff once it is no longer good! lol

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

About once a quarter I stop purchasing meat and plan meals out of the freezer. I keep forgetting I am suppose to use it not just purchase it and freeze it. Sharon

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

Hey any chuck is a good chuck...LOL...Ive been busy with the new pup,,I had 2 for 12 days my brother and his wife came in from Denver to pick up thier pup,Im glad all I have is 1 now ...Her Name is Curly Sue she is a schnoodle ,she is 4.2 lbs at 10 weeks...

Thumbnail by huggergirl
Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

awwwww.....she is ADORABLE!!!!

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

We lost our female Schnauzer a month ago. She was 12. We have two new schnauzer puppies we are picking up the second week of December in San Francisco. Brother and sister.

Our winter is just around the corner. Wind today and ll week so I will be inside more and getting more de-cluttering completed.

I think the first thing I will tackle is the cookbooks. I have given a neighbor a whole bunch or martini glasses and our daughter-in-law a bunch of wine glasses. We do not drink and our entertaining days are behind us. If we do entertain, i is usually children and grandchildren. LOL....

Have a great Wednesday. Sharon.

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

Oh so hard to loose a pet ,I too lost a cat in March she was 15. Really was not expecting to end up with a pup.SD has the parents and they are wonderful little dogs,so how could I say no,I couldnt ,told her you better work on your Dad ,cause he told me No....hehehe,she still has her daddy wrapped around her little finger at 40...Yay....Love my SD Brandi.

No chucking here ,just picked up a new house to clean ...umm maybe I should say Log Lodge...11,000 sq. ft...today is day 2 The basement is not finished ...TG...but the main level an 2 BR up...Very Very dusty, all the logs are webby and dusty....wish me luck on getting it caught up today.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

How many times do you have to clean the log lodge. Is there a special way to clean the logs? How tall up are they? 11,000 sq feet is big.

There are many houses around us in our neighborhood over 9,000 sq. ft. With 11,000 sq ft, how many bathrooms. When you get done you will have to start over. The houses here that are over 9,000 sq. ft., have 9 heating and cooling units. We only have three. You should take before and after photos for the owner.

Makes me tired just thinking about it. LOL.

A home that size usually has a staff. I have a friend that is the manager of the staff of an estate in Boulder, Colorado. In England, they call them the Butler. Sharon

Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Curly Sue is precious, Hugger. You are both lucky to have one another!

Took a car trunk full of clothing, etc. to a consignment shop. She took about half and the rest is piled on the guest bed. Deja vu all over again.

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

Sharon ,the basement is not finished,not used. The Main level has a very open floor plan living ,dining,kitchen,2 1/2 baths, master br,2nd level is only 2 large bedrooms , with a Huge spiral staircase 21 steps made out of log slabs ,the center log is humungus,that leads to an open walkway to the brms , kinda like a bridge. There is also a bunk room over the garage ,I dont have to clean that..so all in all it has 4 full baths and 2 1/2 baths. Its a lot of wasted space,its so open . I only dusted the logs as far up as my dust mop would reach 12ft or so. I will be cleaning once a week,now that Ive caught it up,really wont be bad ,now that Ive vacccumed my brains out,it had been left go for quite sometime.. its a real log cabin chinking and all,I cant really describe just how big the logs are,took them 3 years to build.Hauled logs in and cut them there,it was not a kit.. Iam beat...And the pup decided to wake up at 3;30 I fianally got up at 4;30 ,I dont know what her deal was,took her out she pottied an played an then ate,6;30 now she is napping .

Boy I chucked some major dust bunnies...ahhh and the owner is Happy

Crozet, VA

I too got tired reading about your work Hugger. hahaha Well, like you said, you can now maintain it by visiting weekly and it will be easier work for you. My small bungalo is enough for me to dust, and dusting has to be my most hated chore.

My cleaning lady who just disappeared and I didn't hear from for over two months called last week to wish me a Happy Birthday. She told me she had been ill. She had some benign skin cancers removed from her face and has had thyroid issues. I have been doing what I can to keep up with things here, but two months later, I was really beginning to miss the very thorough job she does for me. I will try contacting her this weekend and if she is feeling better I will see about having her come in and catch things up here too.

The only clutter job hanging over my head is the ancient family papers I started on a couple of weeks ago. After several hours and very little progress being made, I packed them up to tackle at another time. Haven't yet found the time to get back to them, it is very tedious work having to go through every single piece deciding which family to send them to. Anyway....looks as though that will be a drawn out process for me, like so many of my projects are.

So good to see the activity on here this week. Yep, cool weather has a way of having us stay indoors more and seeing the clutter we need to deal with. It is much easier to put it off during warm months when we would all rather be outside gardening. I think I mentioned somewhere on one of the threads that I needed to clean the top of refrigerator out of frozen items we won't use. Haven't done it yet, but am going to write it on my to do list for the weekend. Hopefully I can have a chucking report for you ladies soon.

Have a great weekend all.


Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

I really need to defrost our chest freezer out in the garage but keep putting it off...my bad! lol

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