These red legs followed me home

Ottawa, Canada

This hosta was not on my wish list when I visted a local nursery to buy Heuchera 'Autumn Leaves' at 40% off. 'Little Miss Sunshine' is supposed to stay yellow all season. The newer foliage was a lovely yellow, the old growth a bit greener. If you have pictures of hostas with red petioles, please post them.

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Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

I really like that, sounds like you got a good deal too! :)

Ottawa, Canada

Yeah, I hope LMS provides a little oomph to the bed as both 'Fire Island' and 'Paradise Island' turn green. 'Avocado' also in that section of the bed (planted last year) has remained a disappointment to me as it has remained totally green. I thought it was supposed to be an improved 'Gaucamole'. I may replace A with something else..

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Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

I like the way the new growth is yellow and the old growth is green and the legs are red! This is such a colorful Hosta! Seems like a must have for every Hosta garden, it's going on my list for sure (next year). I am so bad, just ordered another 16 hostas from Hostas Direct, huge sale and I got some mature divisions for 3.99 and I got some other stuff. Stay tuned for 'Picture Time'. :)

Ottawa, Canada

Lucky you on two counts! I've never seen mature divisions for $3.99 in our neck of the woods. You also have a longer planting season in zone 8a. I'm still switching a few things around in zone 5b and hope with mulch they won't heave. Curious, what did you order this time?

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Well thank you! I was rather shocked myself when I got an email from them about a Huge blow-out sale and I jumped right on it. One of the best things I have done is register with all the company's I wish to do business with and I get the newsletters, seems like a lot of junk most of the time but once in a while it pays off! :)

2-Fragrant Bouquet-M/D
2-Regal Splendor-M/D
1-September Sun-M/D
1-Sun Power-M/D
1-Rainforest Sunrise-Starter
1-Eternal Flame-Starter
1-Paradise Island-Adv.Starter
1-Patriot-free starter hosta

Sorry, that's 14 plus they give you a free starter Hosta if you spend a certain amount and I picked out Patriot because all I have is a liner and it is not doing that well, but I'll wait and see what happens. So what do you think, most of these I fell in love with on the Hosta Forum and some I already have but they are small liners and I know I will love the big ones and it will give me something to anchor the beds. I also intend to share on the trade list or swaps and I will get more stuff I want that way. Sounds like a plan! :)

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Irene - both my 'Paradise Island' and 'Fire Island' stay quite yellow all season. Do you have a sunnier spot where you could put them? One year I had a second division of FI in a shadier spot and it turned quite green.

Ottawa, Canada

I love my 'Regal Splendor' and it is doing great. Imagine two.

I planted my 'Sagae' in 2007 but only one weak eye came up this spring. I dug up S recently. The roots were well developed but apparently were not getting enough nutrients because of competing tree roots. I will fertilize regularly next year and hope for improvement. I bought 'Super Sagae' for another bed.

I love 'Sunpower' and it remains yellow all summer.

'Paradigm' is lovely.

My 'Rainforest Sunrise' has grown really well.

I've had trouble with 'Patriot', once again because of tree root competition. I love P in other people's gardens.

'Paradise Island' was lovely in the spring. Still an attractive plant but not as yellow later in my garden.

I don't have the others in your list.


I still like 'Paradise Island' and 'Fire Island' in their present location. I just needed a second hosta ( besides 'Dancing in the Rain') that would brighten that section of the bed.

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Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Thanks for the input, I have never heard of 'Super Sagae' how is it different from regular Sagae? I am really excited about that 'Sun Power' , It will be like a specimen plant for my corner garden, there is a border on one side that is all Grand Tiaras. I am going to rearrange some stuff when I take a vacation at end of the month, and I will try to get the yard ready for the winter. Hopefully next spring I will have some nice pictures to share. :)

Ottawa, Canada

Virginiarose, I believe 'Super Sagae' has a wider edge.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Do you have a picture of 'Super Sagae'?
Got another email from HostasDirect they re-listed a couple of things they said was out of stock. So, I ended up getting mature divisions of Lunar Orbit and Elegans. Also picked up a couple of Fire Island's, advanced starter and a Summer Breeze starter Hosta. WhooHoo!
They said they are not going to carry mature divisions any more, and that is why these are on clearance. So again I got the mature divisions for 3.95 and the advanced starter for 7.95 and the regular starter for 5.97.
There is only one more thing I really wanted this year and that is 'Cathedral Windows' , I will probably get it from NewHampshireHosta because They have Great Expectations for 6.50 on sale and that's a three year plant! I love GE and I only have 2 liners, they are so beautiful though, I really wanted a big one. :) Then from Hallson's I am getting two 'Brother Stefan's' as a birthday gift for my brother, and I am getting a few of the white re-blooming Irises. (the irises are buy-one-get-one right now, sorry I do not know if they do Canada)


Ottawa, Canada

Sorry, Virginiarose, I didn't take a picture of 'Super Sagae', which was only planted this past May. I'd take a picture for you now but S bit the dust here in zone 5b, I don't know for sure, but I think SS might have a wider margin. It was 'Sagae', that got me interested in growing hostas again.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Well, I didn't find it on PlantFiles and not any of the regular nurseries but I did 'google' it and saw a picture and it is certainly stunning. I really love it, can't wait for spring!

Ottawa, Canada

Virginia rose , I was going through my hosta pictures again for a selection of hostas for my brother, when I did come across a picture of 'Super Sagae'. Here it is as the center of attraction. I probably would not have bought 'Super Sagae, had my 'Sagae' grown well but I don't think it was 'Sagae's fault, rather than the location it was planted in. I think you will be very happy with 'Sagae'. BTW I dug up 'Sagae'. It had excellent root growth but I think the competition of the maple tree roots stunted its upper growth. I chopped away some tree roots and amended the soil. 'Captain Kirk' in the same vicinity is doing very well.

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Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Thank you irawon, that is very pretty. If root competition is a problem you can plant them in pots and then plant the pots. I love Captain Kirk mine is in a planted pot. I read somewhere that slugs don't link pine needles, If that is true you have ideal conditions! :)

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