Perennial Honesty

Hull, United Kingdom

Hi,I have some perennial Honesty seeds,But I didn't get any instructions with them,can anyone help me as regards to planting time?I have had a bit of conflicting advice,so I'm not sure whether to plant them in the spring or autumn,I am in zone 8,any advice would be gratefully accepted.Thank you,Evie

sun city, CA(Zone 9a)

i believe you sow these in the fall.

Hull, United Kingdom

Thank you kc for your helpful reply.Evie

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Evie, my Honesty went mad all by itself and scattered the seeds as they dried on the plants.
My Grandkids love to pick the flat seed pods and split them open which is easy to do, you just pick the pods, the outer stringy bit is pulled away and then the pods are easy to open for the seeds, wash hands after.
Either sow the seeds in a few weeks or wait till march time when the soil warms up, you could sow them inside too and as the seeds are med size, make sure they have dried, then lightly cover the top of the pot with either fine grit, sand etc. water the pot from the bottom In a bowl of water till the compost turns darker, lift out from the bowl and drain, this helps stop washing the seeds away if watered from the top.
Hope this helps you out Evie, Good Luck. WeeNel.

Hull, United Kingdom

Thank you WeeNel you've been most helpful,I think I will give both of your suggestions a go,as I really want these seeds to work,I have always wanted to grow Honesty in my garden.Thank you again. Evie :-)

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

No Problem Evie, just go for it, It's good to try several ways of growing as everyone finds the best way for themselves, the principals are the same but only as a guide line so good luck, lets know how you get on. best of luck, Weenel.

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