How to ground your home?

Danville, VA

I replaced all the metal pipes in my home with pcv pipes and now have nothing to ground the house to . There is a ground wire hanging inside of the house but no where to ground it.

Missouri City, TX

Actually you are much better with a dedicated ground rod. Grounding to the water pipes was always a bad idea, because if you did have a fault, the entire piping system could cause an electric shock.

Also, be sure to check the ground cable attachment to the ground rod at least yearly, The bolts can and do corrode and lose connectivity.

The contractor who built our house used the cheapest connector available - the bolt and nut were solidly rusted together, but had lost so much metal to the rust that you could slip the connector off the rod by hand.

The local power provided was working on one of the underground pedestals for a neighborhood problem and warned my neighbor and me. I bought and installed the best I could buy for both of our houses. And I check them quite often.

Another friend with a house in the country, had a different problem - the rod that was used was a length of rebar, and it rusted off at ground level. His electrician replaced with a copper rod and correct connector.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Typical is 2 ground rods at least 8' apart if I remember correctly. I think they are supposed to be driven more or less straight up and down although when we were grounding generators we drove them at an angle. I think that was mostly so that we could pull them out with a chain and truck.

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