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Hello from Sweden all European growser

Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

where are you all, itīs so quiet on this forum, I would like to talk with people how grow plants both inside and outside, perhaps to share cuttings and seeds with each other.
So start to write

Thumbnail by hobbyodlaren
Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

Hi hobbyodlaren,

Thank you for starting this topic.
What is the plant in the picture? I don't know it.
I would love to trade with you, because you're also in a could climate zone.
You can have a look at my tradelist, but my website is more updated.
ALL the seeds on my website are available for trading. I will add about 80 new species by the end of October.

Mainly I winter sow seeds, but I also start some indoors. Mainly tropicals, tender annuals, tomatoes and pumpkins.
I do prefer wild plants and prefer not to trade for hybrids.

Kind regards,


St. Annaparochie, Netherlands

Hi Hobbyodlaren,

Yes, you are right. It is very quiet here. I am always interested in trades. I am not a very experienced in making cuttings. Last year I started making cuttings of Brugmansia's and this year of Dicentra and Erysimum bowles mauve.
Wich plants do you grow inside?

kind Regards,


Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Hello Belgium and hello Netherlands. Here is answer from a starting cold and frozen Sweden, we have had a couple of night below zero now in my area, but still there is leafs left on the threes, and they are beautiful now in yellow and red.
Jonna, the picture above shows an 'Narrhuva' (in Swedish) Kohleria 'Kapo' but I have stop grow this because we move to another house with own watermill, and the water is very much calsium in and it not likes that the Kohlerias.
Flinter, I grow everything, I am an explorer, love to try it all. The dainty ones stay, (the ones which likes my care) the other ones move.
I take seeds, and make cuttings. More you try more you learn. I got a variegated Brugmansia last year, and have take cuttings, and it makes well. I love variegated plant, they are so beautiful. The most oneīs outside in summer in my porch and greenhouse is tomatoes, Oxalis, hibiscusspecies, amaryllidaceae and other lillies pelargoniums, I love caudexplants, succulent like gasteria, leafcactus, and much more. Many of the is inside my house in the winter, but some as pelargoniums and hibiscus is in my garage during the winter.
You can look at my homepage on until the date of april 2012 then after that I close my page. I dont have it all, but all you found there, I have had :o)

Noordwijk, Netherlands

Hello Hobbyodlaren

An other plant addict from The Netherlands. I love gardening but love most of all to grow plants from seeds and I and take a lot of cuttings from plants I love. I have a huge garden which also includes a small vegetable garden. A small green house helps to overwinter annual plants and plants which are sensitive to frost. I hope other Europeans will leave a note on this forum.


Thumbnail by Thalictrum
Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Hi Ria nice to see you, beautiful picture from you garden. My garden is also big, 12.000 square metre.

Show a picture of a frozen Rudbeckia.
Long for next growingseason.

Thumbnail by hobbyodlaren
Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Well well there seems that there isīnt many growers in Europe :-(

Thumbnail by hobbyodlaren
Noordwijk, Netherlands

Hi Sylvia

What nice pictures!! You must have had an early frost. We have had one light frost here. We are right on the North Sea. My roses and Gaura's are still blooming. Ā shame not more Europeans are joining this forum. Where are the English and French gardeners?

Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

On the contrary, 'Thalictrum' frosts came late Rudbeckian bloom as late as November 15th here. On the 16th nov, I took the card when the frost had come. It is a pity that there is no luck in getting some European garden enthusiasts on this thread. It could have been rewarding with change of seeds and plants, and exchange of experience

Thumbnail by hobbyodlaren
Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Flowering Violas outside in December

Thumbnail by hobbyodlaren
St. Annaparochie, Netherlands

Violas flowering in a cold and wet Holland, in December

Thumbnail by Flinter
Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Nice Flinter

Deventer, Netherlands(Zone 8a)

Hi all,
I never looked at this forum before. I take care of the garden around our apartment. Up until now sowing seed hasn't worked for me because of the many snails. They leave the Escholzia, Aquilegia and the Digitals mostly alone, but these seed themselves.

I saved a plant that someone threw out the window into the bushes last year which turned out to be an Erysimum bowles mauve. It had almost dried out, , but I saved it (as I do most plants and bulbs that people throw away). It kind of limped along last summer but now it is blooming like mad. That means that the snails don't like it, so I would like to take some cuttings. When do you do that? After the bloom, or next spring (like lavender?). Be glad to get some advice.

Fun to read you all, I'll look again soon.

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