Merino, Australia

Hello everyone. Here we are . Moved a bit closer because my legs get tired with all that hiking down the path.
I hope the wind has gone form everywhere affected. I do not like wind.
We did have a lovely lot of rain after the wind died down. Just right for the new weeds .
My irises are stating to bud and the epis are too.
A bit of warmer weather can really wake the plants up.
I planted my abutilon seeds and some hippie seeds too. I am trying to get a h. Papilio to grow. I have always wanted one but they are expensive to buy as a bulb.
This is the second lot of seeds I have tried and I think they are not viable like the last lot.
You are supposed to be able to feel the little hard seed in the papery covering but I feel nothing.
I may just have to save a bit more to get a bulb. I have quite a few other hippies grown from seed. They do well here.
The lovely lavenders are all coming out with a little warmth too. They do spot flower during the year but really come alive now. .
I love their little bunny ears.

Better go and put up the sign so noone gets lost .
Have a great day. and enjoy a walk through the tree ferns .

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Merino, Australia

Forgot the sign again.
We came from here.... http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1217331/

Sydney, Australia

posting a cut and paste to save time ^_^

We have had missiles flying through the air here (◕_◕) truly bad winds !!!
Whoopee the nurse was early and the boys have all been attended to (morning tea and meds etc)so I am off to do some stuff outside because right now the wind has dropped off .
Back after lunch ...loving the posts ! ♥‿♥

Clifton Springs, Australia

Nice ferns, Jean......I might sit there tomorrow it will be a bit warmer...
Lavenders do look like bunny ears, don't they...I have a few baby lavenders popping up in the garden..
I will pot them up when they get a bit taller....the baby ones have been good little lavenders..I have no idea which ones are the parents...I don't even know if they are self fertilising..but if these are the same as the ones that I have had in previous years, then they will be ok.

The Tulip that I have been posting, closes up every night....today is dull so it is only half opened...
It is a Tulip on dull days and a Lilium in the heat.

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Busy with the grandchildren because of the school holidays.
The weather has been nice here at Buderim. Great for gardening.

Mexican Mist is flowering now. Love this plant.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

windy as hell here,.,.i can be going along the hwy in the truck at 100k's and all of a sudden,,,,brrrrrrrrrrr-im down to 80,.very insane travelling across the Bowen bridge, swerving from lane to lane,..,..I have many 'conspicuus daffs' here blooming and they look absolutely perfect,.,.many new seedlings popping up[lilies] and many ,many, many , many lilium spikes in pots,.,.i'll have to stop going outside, i get 'too' excited,..,anthony

Sydney, Australia

looks like purple is the theme today ...I love purple don't you ? it's so royal .

Edited to say Charleen ...I love your surprise ...I patted Charlie's mane tenderly and love it.
You should not have done that ...thanks so much. x x
Jeanne,Moon and Loise waving from way down here ! hoping the weather is much kinder now.
Unfortunately we have some lunatic racing around our district starting fires ...how do you stop them ?
They are leaving fire starters in piles here and there ...need long prison sentences don't you think.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring adventure ! Don't get blown away anyone ...

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Oh, We got some very much needed rain last night. I was so happy. got to go see if it has started to refill my pond that I patched, it had a crack and I wanted to seal it, the fish are in a horsetank, a short one but big enough to keep them wet.
So glad you got your card, I love sending out little bits of Charley L♥ve....
Our little town had it's Buggydays last weekend and I took some pictures of Vintage cars. Hope you all like them.

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Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi everyone!

Yes Chrissy, I certainly agree. They caught a person here posing as a firefighter and may have started a fire, then led the fire dept. in to put it out......not too far from his own home. I hope they do lock him up also!

Lovely pictures! I love purple!


Brisbane, Australia

Good morning everyone. Chrissy, thanks for bringing back that song. We had some real fun songs on the charts in our time, didn't we.

Cool again. I hope those winds stay away today. Lovely to see the purple flowers. Thought I'd add this orchid, out now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Morning all...the funniest thing just happened while I was reading Marlene's post....
I had enlarged the pic so I could see the Mexican Mist.....
Up came the Google translator wanting to know if I wanted to translate from German....I thought that it was peculiar......but I said ok..... and the only word that changed was Mist...evidently in German it means
So Marlene, your pretty Mexican Mist when translated was called Mexican Crap....
I couldn't stop laughing...
I found a site which collects errors by translations and it explained that the liquor Irish Mist when translated says Irish Crap....and many others.......Anthony you will appreciate some of them......here it is...


Hope you find some plant bargains today, Jean

....Great song, Chrissy..I downloaded all those funny old songs and have them on disc for the car..
Looks like a beautiful day so have a great day all....back later.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. I know I'm late opening the door but I was wandering around the brug thread. One does get carried away.
I love purple and looking around my garden, I do have a lot of it. Not a deliberate choice but so many flowers out now are purple.
Still rather windy here but fine . The sun is out and I may find a bit to do out side so I can enjoy the warmth.

Hello Anthony. I am a bit like you . I am excited watching all the new lilium shoots . I go out and look every day. They are growing so quickly now.
Still a few daffies hanging on but most are done

Hello Charleen, I love my Charley too. You are very clever.
Glad you are getting a bit of rain now. Love the old truck.

Hello Chrissy. Its awful to see the fires so early in the season. Jail is too good for those morons. They are a blot on society.
Thanks for the link, I used to love that song. All the old songs actually. Funny but great to sing along with.

Hello Dianne, Marlene and Karen , pretty flowers too.

Hello Jeanne, I love purple too.
Hope you are getting some of the rain too.

Hello Teresa. Hope all is well over your way. How is Copper going with your new hours ?

Hello Louise , Pam and Elaine . Also anyone else looking in
Here is something to nibble on with a nice cuppa. Doughnut Muffins
Keep safe and enjoy your gardens.

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Merino, Australia

Had to add my purple for the day . My pinwheel daisy.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Charlene, do you think you could put that truck in an envelope and send it over,.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Quote from Seachanger :
Morning all...the funniest thing just happened while I was reading Marlene's post....
I had enlarged the pic so I could see the Mexican Mist.....
Up came the Google translator wanting to know if I wanted to translate from German....I thought that it was peculiar......but I said ok..... and the only word that changed was Mist...evidently in German it means
So Marlene, your pretty Mexican Mist when translated was called Mexican Crap....
I couldn't stop laughing...
I found a site which collects errors by translations and it explained that the liquor Irish Mist when translated says Irish Crap....and many others.......Anthony you will appreciate some of them......here it is...


Hope you find some plant bargains today, Jean

....Great song, Chrissy..I downloaded all those funny old songs and have them on disc for the car..

Looks like a beautiful day so have a great day all....back later.

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I did love Mexican Mist....now all I can see is a bit of "poop" *G*

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Karen do you have the Epiphyllum Harold Knebel?

Clifton Springs, Australia

Sorry Marlene, but it was so funny....I still love your Mexican Mist.....

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Anthony, If it were possible I sure would send you the truck, I knew you would like it.
here is another for you.
Charley loves travelling the world and letting folks know they are loved for their goodness.
We love you.....

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. I was going through some old posts yesterday. What fun I had. It was very nice to re-read some of our posts and see the gardens and flowers. I cleaned everything out of the hothouse yesterday and put the survivors in the SH. You know not one of the last lot of US brug seed germinated,I haven't chucked them though. Will give them another bit of time. I have 4 SuperspotX that are going okay and 2 GrimbaldiXJennylind and 2 MorgansonneX that are growing albeit slowly. The vulsas are powering away. I do hope we get flowers. I have another Arborea nearly out so will split this flower and use the rest of the pollen on it and keep my fingers crossed. The 6 pointer Aztec Gold X of Brians has 2 new flowers which are just normal this time. The perfume is lovely though. Jean My GHA has just started to grow since I put it in the ground. I do believe that they like to get their roots into that Mother Earth. I have lots of buds on the Epis and some Irises that haven't flowered before have nice buds. The dark purple one is flowering a treat this year. I got a tree stump taken out yesterday ready for the new back fence and the new bigger gates. I have a lot of lovely pine mulch for the broms too. I reckon there would be about 8 bags of mulch so that's some I don't have to buy. Well must grab acuppa and make the boy's lunches. be back later. Colleen

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. I hope you all didnt get any of that awful wind. that was here all day yesterday and well into the night.
I thought my greenhouses were going to take off. Lucky I have ties over them for just that kind of weather.
I was sitting out in the front greenhouse while the wind was trying to see it plus me somewhere else.
This morning is quiet so far. Hubby has to go for blood tests so we will be getting a bit of wood to make 2 tables that will fit in the trailer. They will work as tables for the market and also as a cover for the trailer that the tarp can go over for protection on the drive.
I have lots of plants coming on to sell ,so hopefully I will make enough to buy more plants..... LOL..

Hello Charleen, love those old cars. I could never resist going along to see them when they used to be on show.

Hello Colleen, I would be careful with pine mulch on certain plants as it can turn the soil more acidic. Good for around things like azaleas etc that like the acidity.
Being a mulch I am assuming it is finer than the bulkier bark so maybe not so great in pots where it would break down very quickly.
This is just me of course and others may know more .

Hello Dianne, Karen , Chrissy and Pam.
Hello Elaine, Teresa and Anthony also.

I had better get myself moving as the lady who does all the blood test at the clinic arrives early. If you are not early, you may sit there for quite a while as she does them in arrival order. No appointments.
See you all later. Enjoy your day.
Try this Plum Coffee Cake.

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Brisbane, Australia

Hello hello. Love those old cars. What beauties.

Jean, hope you didn't have too long a wait this morning. I stopped going to the local clinics and now go to the hospital as they plough through them very quickly. Waiting around is not my favourite past time.

Hello Charleen, and a hug for Charley.

Marlene, I am still laughing over your Mexican Mist. I don't think I have Harold Knebel though I have a lot of unknowns, many of which are in bud now. Will be fun finding out what I do have.

Teresa, I hope the ground has stopped shaking there. I see there was a big 7.3 near Fiji last week, and we even had a small one in north Qld.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying nice Spring weather and lots of budding plants.


Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

Hello everyone! Back again and able to type finally after a bad bout of carpal tunnel in both hands due to my overdoing it in the garden, digging too much and lifting too much. Nuf said......I am happy to read that the Tea Room seems to be in good fiddle and you all sound pretty cheery. Don't think I didn't think about you all in my absence.

Jean, that pinwheel daisy is wonderful! I have so missed reading your posts! I also love that pretty bloom from you, Colleen! And of course, Charleen's truck photo is awesome too. Fun photos to enjoy.

Charleen is just full of surprises. She and Charlie came to my rescue with magical and beautiful copper & magnet bracelets, that I credit with my ability to use my right hand again. That Charlie is the star of my refrig, and he's keeping me honest when I open it. What treasures come from wonderful DG friends!

Chrissy - glad to catch your wave! So nice and cheery. Hello to Karen and Anthony, Teresa, Dianne, Marlene and Jeanne as well. Glad you have all continued to keep my chair warm in the Tea Room!

Merino, Australia

Hello Louise. Its lovely to see your smiling face back again. I thought you may have melted away in all the heat you have had over there.
I hope you are feeling a lot better now. Carpal tunnel is not nice. My daughter had problems with it years ago.
We did miss hearing all about the girls. I hope they are going well and behaving as lovely young southern ladies should.
Charleen is a very generous person and between her and Charley, they manage to make people happy.

Karen, our clinic is at the local hospital and as long as you get there early, the wait is not too bad .
We are rather lucky in having 3 hospitals within 1/2 hour of here. Casterton and Coleraine are smaller and we have the larger hospital at Hamilton.
The sun was out when we left and it was nice to drive along in the warm, but its cloudy and cold now. The cold wind is back.
I wont be doing much outside today.
Time for a warm cuppa and some of that coffee cake if there is a piece left.
Happy day,

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Can't have my friends aching when I can make them a beautiful bracelet to help. Love making them.
Here is a beautiful Morning Glory for you all. got a couple more cars. but don't want to wear you out on them....

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Keep sending your Morning Glory pics Charleen....so nice of you to send your bracelets to those who need them.....

Cold here again Jean.....the seedlings don't know what to do....It's amazing how they bolt when it's even a little warmer.......Even though it was cool this morning, the thermometer in the plastic SH showed 26c..the sun only hits it for about 30mins because it's under the verandah......imagine if it was on it for an hour.....cooked cuttings and seedlings...lucky it is right next to my glass doors or I know that I would forget it.

Louise, my MIL had to have her wrists operated on for Carpel Tunnel....good thing that you are keeping an op at bay......nice to have you posting again....when do you head south?

Collingwood or Hawthorn?, Anthony.....it goes against the grain...but Hawks for me...
Have a nice day .

Sunshine Coast, Australia

My hubby is getting himself all set up with his lollies, chips, etc for the AFL footy tonight. Tomorrow night will be the same when his team Geelong play.

Dianne I guess you are also for Geelong.

Took this picture a day ago.

Thumbnail by Marleneann
rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

maggies and eagles dianne!!!!--Stop it -charlene,.,.if theres 1 thing i want in life,its a decrepit 34 chev body--something to deliver lilies in-on sundays,.,.Doesnt mean i'd get rid of the 'inter'-its getting a 'new look' as we speak,its being modified as quick as its decrepit old owner can do it[slowly]..,Hello to everyone else,.,.have a great weekend,.,.anthony

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Durn G, I got a horseless buggy for you to see too.
this is last weekend. You should have been here, they were in the parade. Batteries were shot by time of parade. I knew I should have swapped them out.
Beautiful Flowers.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. A bit damp here this morning as we had a shower of rain during the night .
Yesterday was not too windy so I got busy getting a new piece of shadecloth on the top of the greenhouse. Some of the seams came apart the other day and after I repaired with fishing line , I thought I had better put something over the whole roof area to protect it from more damage in the wind.
Its better now an dbeing where it is , not too dark inside for the broms.
Great fun getting the shadecloth up on the top then tying down.
I have a smaller piece across between the two shadehouses with more plants growing in the space. My old dendrobium loves it just there.
Dry this morning but chilly and cloudy.
Supposed to get up into the 20s next week . I hope so.

Hello Charleen, I do love those old cars. There must be so many lovely old ones over there.
Hugs and cookies for Charley.

Anthony, lots of liums getting very tall here. I have given up on my Christmas Lilies though. After getting the pot out from under the bush where it had been all winter The plants were looking very nice until last week when the tops just shrivelled up as last year. I am going to tip the bulbs out and just stick them in the ground . They can do as they like then. I am not going to fuss over them. The other liliums all do really well without any problems.
Hope you are surrounded by a forest of new growth on all your liliums.

Hello Dianne, yes the seedlings do tend to run away with themselves in the warm. I have moved my largest sang out of the mini greenhouse now. He is with the big boys in the main greenhouse. If he & siblings do well they will be outside by Christmas.

Hello Louise. how is your garden doing after all the odd weather ?
You will starting to think about getting ready for the move south soon, I suppose.
Do you have any of the lovely Fall colors or has the warmer weather spoilt the season. ?

Hello Teresa, how goes it there ? Are you still doing some walking to work or using the buses. ?
I do hope they are slowly getting more repair work done. A great pity that you will maybe lose some of the beautiful older buildings.

Hello Colleen. That aulicum ( winter Hippie) certainly last for along time . Hubby thinks its lovely too.
I am hoping my other hippies flower this year . I still have quite a few seedling ones to flower in a year or two.

Hello Chrissy, how is your vegie garden going ? Take some pics when you get the chance.
We miss seeing all your lovely flower, so hope to see the vegies instead.

Hello Pam, Elaine, Karen and everyone else popping in.
I have a few little jobs to do outside and a few weeds to remove so I will put something tasty out for you all and move myself. .
Have a great weekend and enjoy those gardens.
Here we are lots of lovely Lamingtons.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

Marlene, those Orchids are lovely......and yes, we have our food stash ready for this afternoon too...
Anthony thinks West Coast will win....but we know better don't we......lol

Charleen, I love the old carriages and buggies....we have a few driving competitions locally so all the pretty carriages come out for those....I love the Phaetons, with their high wheels....I cannot imagine going flat out in something as delicate as that...

Bad luck about your Christmas Lillies Jean.....possibly they will behave in the ground....
If you don't mind I will have a couple of Lamingtons for half-time.

Have a good day everyone..

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Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...I actually got some decent time outside today ...but ouchy ! the back is complaining a bit.
The only trouble with all that re potting and hand water with the big watering can is after a while the back reminds you that you are no longer a Spring chicken. Phew I smell Charlie Carp and Dynamic Lifter everywhere ...oh but it's worth it.

It's so nice saying hello to things waking up from their Winter sleep ...and the day was perfect for working out there ...mild and about to rain. Not much wind and with a bit of luck the fires may be out.
Yesterday I managed to hand paint quite a lot of weeds (Roundup ) ...very pleased about that because we don't often get a day that is promised to be dry. You know after those 7 years of drought ...I can hardly remember what the dry days felt like, these past three, almost 4 years have been wet. I wonder when the next drought is due, it will be difficult after this wet cycle.
Lovely Pictures everyone and no Jean I won't be posting pictures of my chaotic garden until it's a little more respectable, there is stuff every where and until that rabbit is gone my veggies will be in polystyrene boxes,I sure as heck hope it does not fancy Brugs or there will be trouble.
Here is a lovely cake for everyone ...enjoy the game !

We will send our lovely ladies over the pond Charlene, Loise, Moon and Teresa a piece each via the magic carpet, Anthony sending some to you down there too . :)
Edited to say I forgot to say ...Have a great night everyone !

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

thank you!!- thats a groovy cake!! -Jean, you described[exactly] how some of my christmas lilys have been reacting,.,. i threw a few, pot and all in the bin today,.,.you have to be cautious, i have a lot tied up in such a small area,,.and a virus could be terrible,..,WEST coast?

Sydney, Australia

٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶
٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶
My grandson Jake is flying his way to England as I type this ...his team will be taking on the Britts :)
I am proud but nervous !!! ^_^ Go boys boys go ...٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

What a wonderful Adventure for them. The boys will be quite worldly when they get back, with all that travelling. I am so happy for them.
Here is my morning surprise. A beautiful morning glory that is a bit unusal. Have a great day, my friends.

Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Chrissy...I wish the boys good luck.
I think one get's more excited over the grandchildrens adventures then a parent. Maybe because we have more time to enjoy it.

Nice day here at Buderim again. Storm predicted tonight.

This yellow Anthurium is in flower now.

Thumbnail by Marleneann
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Quote from ridesredmule :
What a wonderful Adventure for them. The boys will be quite worldly when they get back, with all that travelling. I am so happy for them.
Here is my morning surprise. A beautiful morning glory that is a bit unusal. Have a great day, my friends.

That is so unusual!
I love it.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Another morning with the sun shining in the window. I dont trust that sun any more. The last week has been sunshine early , but when I go out to enjoy it, I get rained on.
Showers all yesterday morning . I did nothing much until after lunch when the rain went away for a while.
I ended up having to get in and tidy all the little cacti as a hanging basket has fallen down.
I moved them all around, tossed a few odd pots that had no plants in them and then stood back to admire my job, when down came the rain again.
Today, I will find something to do in the greenhouse where it gets nice and warm. I have a lot of nicely rooted cuttings to pot on so that is an easy job . I have my chair in there too so now all I have to do is decide where the plants will all go when repotted.

Hello Anthony. I am getting excited as I watch all the liliums grow. I didnt realise I had left so many little bulblets back where the asiatics used to grow. Looks like I will have a full bed of them again when they are grown up.
With all the small bulbs in pots. Do I repot them next year in single pots ? How long do they take to maturity ?
I hav enothing coming up from the lilium seeds I bought. Maybe later in the warm, something will show. I should have kept them for the warm weather. I will probably buy more later and try agin. They were the l. nepalese, l candidum , l auratum& l. martagon.
Maybe next time they will grow.

Hello Chrissy, great fun for you grandson. I hope they all do well, but still a marvellous opportunity to see some of the world.
Love that cake. So pretty and tempting.

Hello Charleen. Give Charley a hug and a cookie for me. Are you getting out in your garden more now that the weather is milder. I love Autumn ( Fall) and Spring best of all the seasons .

Very nice flowers Marlene.

Hello Dianne , Colleen and Teresa.
How are you all going in the garden ? Lots to do in spring but lots to just sit and watch also.
Hope the job is going well. Teresa.

Hello Karen , Pam and Elaine.
I do hope you are all enjoying some lovely weather.

I am going out to be domestic this morning. There is a basket of washing to do. Its so much easier just going out l loading the machine and leaving it to do the hard work.
I am glad I bought the dryer at the same time with all the wet weather we have had.
Keep warm and dry everyone and enjoy all those gardens.
Here is something tasty to have with a cuppa. Raspberry Coconut Slice.
Happy day

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Good morning ...well we have had so much heavy rain the fires must be out, we are under inches of water here.
I will have to wait a while before I can try and venture around the place ...still raining but last night it was almost a monsoon, you could not see more than a yard away through the rain.

I was very nervous about the weather with my Jake up there in a plane.
I am very happy the manure fragrances will be toned down by the rain hopefully it was not washed completely away, my poor seedlings I hope they are are ok, the rain was so heavy it triggered car alarms.
Lots to do inside I guess.
Nice blooms ladies ... glad you found some babies out there Jean ...that's always a nice surprise !
Well better go do the meds it's 8.30.
Back later ^_^

barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. A beautiful sunny morning here but as Jean says " don't know for how long" We had a bit of rain here yesterday but not enough to do any good for the roots of the plants but it did wash the dust off. The hippy seeds that I planted from my own seed are all growing. Do they take about 3 years from seed to flower? Will have to find a nice cosy place for them so that they can grow on. Have to take a few cuttings today to get into the post tomorrow. Dianne the 3 tree dalihas have sprouted so will have to find a spot for them too. The bud on Reynella Orange is nearly out. I'm so pleased that the pieces grew as it's a very pretty brug. I'm still waiting, waiting for OSA to get some buds. I don't think he likes it here very much. Well have a bit of shopping to do and cleaning up. The boys have had their brekkie but I still need to have mine so must go. I'll be back later. colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Look I made a birdhouse, I got some iris planted earlier in week. Yes it is beautiful here. Wish weather would stay like this. so glad you like the MG Marlenann, Wish I could send you a seed but YOU would NEVER get it. Ask Anthony, Well, better not ask Anthony, he gets upset But dog gone it I did too..
Hugs and mule nuzzles to all.

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