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bad grass

Dayton, OH

My yard is full of different sizes of mushrooms and of course weeds. Does anyone know what can be done to clean this up?

Thumbnail by roseycats
Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

Rosey - the mushrooms makes me think your yard is getting too much water. Can you cut back on that or is it just rain water? As for the weeds . . . are you talking about your yard in general or the grassy lawn part? If it's the lawn, the first thing I would do is make sure you mow regularly that way you are cutting off the weeds before they set seed. I'd also raise the deck of your lawn mower as high as it will go to allow your grass to grow taller and start blocking out some of the weeds better. It won't totally eradicate your weed problems but it will help.

Dayton, OH

Thanks GardenSox, We were getting an awful lot of rain around the the last two weeks of Sept. one night we had two and a half inches in just about five hours. We have someone mow our yard for us, and the Weather has not been the best this year. I did get some grass down before we got all the rain.

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