Large chondrite like boulder with open vein of impact melt?

Corning, CA(Zone 8a)

This boulder is found with 2 other smaller ones in the pasture where no other boulders or big rocks occur. We are located in Bella Vista, Shasta County California.

The boulder has strange "worm hole-like burrow or vein" on the side. There are some indications of bubble or hole like formations in the entire boulder indicating that at one time it was very hot.... At first i thought the burrow was from a miner or someone taking a core sample... but its not made by man as far as I can tell. Why?
The inside texture of the worm hole like burrow has small bubbles and a crust like appearance showing that it was hot... and as if something went thought the rock when it was hot.
The entire rock has some bubble like and chondrite like formations.
Theory 1
1. Perhaps the worm like burrow is a fossil hole location from a plant or tree or mollusk or sea creature of some kind. There are sea creature and mollusk like fossils found in the smaller rocks in the area near the creek bed.
I donít percieve that its made by a tree or fossil since it shows the numerous hot bubble formations in the cavity of the " worm burrow" like formation.
Theory 2
Perhaps its created by a impact melt as you see in this image of
"Sawn face of Harper Dry Lake 036 (L6; find, 2010, CA). This meteorite shows dark veins of impact melt, a feature sometimes seen in ordinary chondrites.
chondrite meteorite
Look forward to any other theories, questions and comments on this.

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