"An improved ....."

Ottawa, Canada

Invariably at hosta sites I read that such and such is an improved such and such hosta. Cases in point are the following:

'First Mate' is an improvement on 'Kabitan'. I agree.

'Fantasy Island' is an improvement on 'Island Charm'. I now have both and can't say that I agree. FI is a much more mature plant at purchase. I find IC more appealing.

'Cathedal Windows' is an improvement on 'Stained Glass'. I only have 'Stained Glass'.

'Olive Bailey Langdon' doesn't get the dessication burn of 'Frances Williams'. As I have not had any problem with FW in this regard I cannot comment.
Linda Sue', a sport of FW, is not supposed to get dessication burns. Is this true?

'Dream Queen' and 'Great Expectations' . I have found DQ a faster grower than GE but this might be due to location. Although 'Dream Weaver' was a more mature plant at purchase I have found DW more disappointing than DQ and GE. DW is growing in the same conditions as GE. Of the three DQ has grown the best for me. Once again this may be due to location.

I think it would be helpful if DG'ers were to relate their experiences about claims of improved hostas. Personally I don't want to spend $$$ on something when there is a better version out there.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I think 'Sweet Innocence' is supposed to be an improved (tetraploid) version of 'Fragrant Bouquet'. Frankly, I don't think they are very similar.


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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

SI - and I've had it long enough that it should be larger than that.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

'Blue Shadows' is supposed to be an improvement on 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'. Until this year I couldn't tell the difference between them. But this year, BS looked much better. However, TA had gone down hill so early in the summer and so fast that I dug it up and found virtually no root growth since I moved it 2 or 3 years ago. So I don't know whether the difference was due to the plant or the conditions.

This is what they looked like Aug. 3. BS in the background.

Thumbnail by ViolaAnn
Ottawa, Canada

Thanks for the input, ViolaAnn. I have neither 'Fragrant Bouquet' or 'Sweet Innocence, so I cannot comment on them. I bought 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa' in 2007. I moved it to a new location last year. It is growing better. I planted 'Blue Shadows' in early July this year. Mine appears to be a sturdier plant than TA.

'Jack of Diamonds' is supposed to be the same as 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis'. My TF was planted in 2007 and J of D in 2010. J of D is already the same size as TF. I don't have good pictures for comparison.

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