Winter Window Box

Conshohocken, PA


I had an inspiration! I want to create a Winter Window box and exchange it seasonally with my summer windowbox. (The front of my new house is very plain and white and needs some colorful accents. Waiting to buy some shutters!)

I’m hoping to create a winter window box that will also survive through the summers so I can just plop it out front again come fall/winter. Thus, I’m looking for winter-hardy perennials.

What plants would work for this?

So far I’ve come up with Rock Garden Japenese Holly/Dwarf Winterbush.

What other suggestions do you have?

I’d like some sort of pine-needley looking plant—the problem is, none of these plants can grow too big…they need to fit in and survive in a container. I’d love something with white flower or red berries. Perhaps I can accents with Kale or winter cabbage…but I don’t think they come back each year?

What do you think?

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I love the idea, I am always having trouble transitioning my window boxes from summer to fall and winter. I quite often think of doing fall design with kale, mums or pansies. For winter I do cut evergreen arrangements adding whatever I can find to add extra interest. My roof overhang is very wide so the window boxes don't ever get wet so I can add silk flowers candles and things that otherwise wouldn't go in window boxes. I have seen some very nice dwarf conifirs at some of the flower shows. I wonder how they or other plants would do in window boxes over winter with the freeze / thaw we have in our area.

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