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white stone with metal

Corning, CA(Zone 8a)

Here is a sample from a boulder the size of 2 bowling balls approx shown in another thread.

I am not confidant enough to call it anything yet... I know there are breccias, Porphory from volcanos, which this might resemble or be. Any ideas on what to call it? The white stuff looks to be like crystals.... When i look at it stuck on the magnet they look like metal against the black magnet with some crystal on it..... when i view it on my white paper they look like crystals with metal in the grain.. hard to tell which it might be.......and much of it is attracted to my magnet as you see the little pile which is composed of crystal of grey and brown and yellow and a few light green olivine like crystals and two kinds of metal that i noticed. One metal is blackish and holey and one more brilliant silver looking and like chunks of meteoric metal. some of it is in grains, some of it just chunks... like something you would see at an iron welders floor maybe, but its not iron looking very shiney platinum looking... silver.. I took a cropped pict to show close up image of the metal and crystals in this specimen. When i get my digital microscope i will post phenomenal picts of these metals and crystals.... my descriptions are worthless... I cannot wait! Any ideas on what it might be?

Thumbnail by leeannconner
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