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Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Do you ever follow any organizing blogs? I have been sitting here at the computer for the past few hours looking over a lot of organizing blogs. There are some good ones and I picked up a lot of useful tips. Now to put them in action is another story! On, she has Free printables and I printed off a copy of her form of 52 weeks of organizing to follow. You list the task that you want to accomplish and then check if it is completed. These can be clipped on an 8 1/2 X 11 in. clipboard and kept handy by my bed so I can check off each night before going to bed what I have accomplished on the list that day. If there is a task I didn't get completed, why not add keep adding it to the next week's list until it is completed. Mark off or mark through the task with a magic marker when I have completed or give yourself a check mark(just like your teacher's used to do in school!). Another suggestion was to buy yourself a timer and see how many things you accomplish in a specific amount of time. For me, that would be a motivator. Maybe a digital timer would be ideal for me. I have timers in the house but the ticking drives me crazy. I'm going to try this and see how it works for me. When will I start? Hopefully on Monday, if not sooner. I really need to tackle some of this computer paper clutter or file it in my garden journal for future reference.

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annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Pippi, I like your timer idea. My cell phone has an alarm feature that I could use. Also, my stove timer will work without oven turned on. Certain TV shows are 30 or 60 mins and the commercials give you notice that so much time has elasped. No ticking!

I listen to NPR radio as I deliver my newspaper route every day. I should be halfway done when Terry Gross comes on!

It's fun and motivating to learn and do new things. Takes 30 days to put new habit in place.

Gold stars all around. You go girl!

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I always have good intentions but at age 69, I feel that I might be ADD..I have become more aware of this .tend to get side-tracked so easily or life just gets in my way and I don't always complete task. Another thought I had was that I could use one of my 5x7 clipboards on the counter in the kitchen and it would be handy to jot down chores or even a telephone# and keep it by the telephone. This morning, I have a handwritten sticky on the wall phone to call Dr. for refill of one of my medications. I want to get to him as he starts his day so he can fax it to pharmacy to pick up before end of day. A small clipboard there could include chores that I want to accomplish in the kitchen, sunroom, and dining room as they are all next to each other. I'm going to try it and see if it works. Since dear hubby has taken on the loading and unloading the dishwasher and cleaning up the counters and stove after we would remind him what else needs to be accomplished in that room. Sometimes" he tends not to see the forest for the trees." Example: sweeping the floor after he has cleaned up everything else. cleaning out the refrigerator occassionally or throwing out leftovers that we never ate and are taking up room in Frig. At our former home, he would often help with the laundry. That included going up and down two levels but we are on one level now and have been here over 6 yrs. I don't think he had done a load of laundry since we've been here. Oh well, be greatful for what he does, right?

Crozet, VA

Happy, happy, joy, joy....two of my favorite Dave's folks here. I am finally getting around to reading some of the forums I haven't had time for in some weeks. I have truly missed the interaction and missed you folks too. Coleup, I met Betty (Pippi) at Jill's plant swap and she is a darling lady. You just have to put making the spring swap on your to do list. We all need to meet and share de-cluttering ideas and also de-clutter any excess plants we have at the next swap.

Pippi, I just made a note to purchase two clip boards on my next shopping trip. I like your idea of a clip board. I need one in the kitchen and one at my desk. I have loads and loads of stickies and scrap paper full of either phone numbers, addresses, to do lists and any number of other that I too have to write down. I am a list maker from way back.

You mentioning ADD in adults in quite interesting. I used to talk quite a bit with Coleup and that too is one of her theories in regards to how some of us end up having lots of disorganization and clutter. I buy that.

Another thing I found about making lists is that some days I don't get around to doing anything that is on my list. I carry it over to the next day sometimes for weeks at a time. Because I could find myself becoming depressed over not accomplishing something or the other that I would like to do and hating having to do lists without a lot marked off.......on those days I will often jot down the things I did accomplish that I hadn't thought to put on a list.

While being so conscious of to-doing, I have found that it is really easy to jot down a goal. Truth of the matter in my household at least is that sometimes I have to do ten things in order to access or get to whatever the original chore was. It is not always so simple but requires a lot of prep work to it. I have to remember to give myself credit for prep work too.

Anyway......thanks for the topic Pippi. When you have some time and have done some more research, please post the names of some of the better organizing blogs that you find. This is a topic very dear to my reason being that there always seems to be something to do. hahaha It is never ending it seems.

Today's major to-do is to begin sitting houseplants that were brought in hurriedly late Saturday afternoon and just sat down every where. Before the little ones come tomorrow afternoon I have to figure out what to do with some of the plants that are definitely in the wrong places for little hands. Went to the grocery store earlier and purchased some ground beef and am thinking of making a bit pot of chili later. Yum...will be good after the sun sets and the chill sets in.

You two ladies enjoy your day and take good care.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I don't follow blogs; I just don't have time for all that. But I do subscribe to some organizing and feng shui emails, which are usually pretty short and sent directly to my email once or twice a week.

I keep an ongoing "To Do" list on my fridge. It lists anything I think of that needs doing. I type it up in MS Word so I can update it and reprint it from time to time as I cross things off and add other things. I don't write a daily to-do list because, as Ruby has mentioned, sometimes I don't get to anything on today's list but I do other things. Yesterday I was supposed to do some weeding in the garden, but instead I ended up cleaning out the toolshed and picking up some of the debris Nikko has scattered about the yard. So for this reason, I just make one big list of everything I want to accomplish at some point.

It also helps to write next to the task an estimated time that you feel it may require to complete. That kitchen drawer that contains miscellaneous "junk" for instance might require 30 minutes to clean out and straighten up. By noting times, you can easily find a task that will fit in the time slot you have. Suppose you have an extra 15 minutes before a doctor's appt. What task on your list can be done in 15 minutes or less?

It's also important to make your setting cozy and inviting. Put on some music that inspires you. Or sit in front of your TV with your favorite show playing while you straighten that junk drawer. A lot of times, we're bored with the task at hand so it's just easy to become distracted by something else. I hate cleaning; I like my house clean but I hate dusting and such. So I strap on my MP3 player and listen to my favorite songs and dance around the house as I clean. (But don't peek thru my windows; it's not a pretty sight! I don't think what I do could really be called "dancing". LOL)

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