Catching rain water

Fort Wayne, IN

This is the rain barrel I found. Of course I'll need to get some screening to fit over the top to keep the leaves and things out but I think it might work. I put it out in back by the corner of the garage. Thanks helenchild for the suggestion. :)

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Yardley, PA

It doesn't get better than rain water! I would do it but I am too lazy.

Fort Wayne, IN

Would you believe there is already about 2 in. in there. Its sure making up for the dry spell we had this summer, we've had this "what I call" a crazy midwest hurricane setting over us for the last 6 days. I don't water to often in the winter so if I can keep it clean, with the rain and snow It should be ready for next year.

Decatur, GA

I took a quick picture of the rain barrels I have on my front porch. I didn't prep the area for the shot! They are all hooked together. I get lots of water but with a drought will run out as well.
I have one on the back porch that overflows to another on the ground. I rarely use city water on my plants.

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Fort Wayne, IN

Helen yours look something like what we have, but I had my husband cut the top off. That was some tough plastic. I still need to get some screen for the top so the leaves stay out.

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