October Weather - Time to get ready for Winter.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

35 - Dark!
Leaving for market shortly.
Happy October.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

I'm doing good at being first today :o)

Pumpkins and squash at Market? My DD's BIL was loading theirs up last night. From the size of the pumpkins offered here, I hope you got some big ones!

Yes, Happy October!

Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Sun just coming up and it is 69 degrees...Yeah!...going for a walk...working in garden...later BBQ at our friends and gonna make the first fire of the season in the pit to sit around tonight...Tomorrow morning to dip into upper 50's.....Happy October Everyone!

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Sunkissed, that sounds like a fabulous day!

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

I would have loved to wake up to those temps. Instead it is currently 42*. Supposed to get to 60 something.

Tweek had 4 babies. She did a great job (the last two pretty much just fell out). The first two are twins - they shared a placenta - but one of them has 6 toes on each front foot. Weird to see, but cute too. 2 short hair, 1 medium, 1 long (gray one). She wouldn't let me leave her side during delivery. I was up until 2. She started labor about 9:30, first one came about 10:30 and one approx every 45 minutes. What an interesting experience! My first non human labor and delivery. (Check that off the bucket list ;) )

So without further adue...the babies.

Thumbnail by minnesippi
brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

Warm up, warm up, warm up!!! I have too much to do today for it to be this chilly!! Did I already say WARM UP!!??

Swansea, SC(Zone 8b)

Good Morning All!
Its a clear crisp 62 here and somewhat breezy. Minnesippi, your babies are precious! I have a somewhat older version of your kittens in my lap cuddling to keep warm as I type. His name is Yoda. His brother is all black and is trying to keep warm under the quilt on my bed. You'd think cats with all that fur could stand the cold!
Was this your cats first delivery? I have experienced many kitten births and my cat usually manages all her own, but she does usually want me with her during the birth. If I get up from cramped legs, she would reach out to paw at me, as if to say: No! stay where you are! LoL.
A nice fall fire sounds really nice tonight. But first, I will have to make row covers to cover over my pepper, tomato and artichoke plants in the garden and also my strawberries. It will get down to 42! tonight in SC.
Happy Fall/October everyone.

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

ErzsebetF - this is her first litter. She is only 13 months old herself. She was quite confused when the first two popped out. The second two she & I didnt know she even had them until they started wigglin around. (wish my kids would have been that easy to deliver! But at 9.3# and 10.6# that wasnt likely - even with drugs. LOL!)
Elsa isnt sure what to think of them. She hisses at them and walks away. Maggie (choco lab) is very curious, Harley (blk lab) could really care less.

I need it to warm up. DD has a soccer game in 30 minutes then its workin in the yard the rest of the day. I hate workin in a sweatshirt, but I gotta stay warm too.

October...where did the time go?!?

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

High around 68 with lows last night in the low 40s. Sunny all day and it felt good!!!

Toothache plants. Very hardy and cool looking plants

Thumbnail by pepper23
brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

70's tomorrow. 60 something today. Nice enough to get the lawn mowed and leaves raked. Didn't get a thing planted but that is because I took the time to bag when I was mowing. Too many oak leaves already just to mulch them in. Besides, I was tending to kitties every now and again when I did laundry.

Tomorrow I will plant. It will be nicer anyway.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

AWHHHHHHHHHH! Cute Babies! They look just like a baby Rusty and Dusty! Soooo cute! AND of all things, when I enlarged the picture of the kitties, the Ad at the top of the page was BABIES R US haha! I think that's hilarious! too cute!

We got rain.......yeah! It has cooled off some!

Birthday dinner went well. My dearest daughter's bday is tomorrow. She and I will go have a Mother/Daughter lunch! If I were to tell her age, she would disown me. haha! Her kids are high school students......but for some reason she feels OLD! Welll, I guess that will do it to you, now that I think back when she was their age, haha! No wonder I FEEL OLD! Oh.....yeah.......I am......I had a senior moment there for a minute........haha!

Hope everyone is OK! Have a great day!!


Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

36/70 Sunny. Winds light and variable.

Minnesippi, TWINS! AWESOME! I never knew they could have twins! They are just adorable, and good for Tweek! I'll bet she's tired today and wants you to babysit, LOL!

Those are cold temps for yesterday :o(

ErzsebetF, welcome! ROTFL. We love cat people here. I have two boys myself, and we feed both neighbor boys :o)

Minnesippi, I see Elsa isn't going to baby sit :o)

DD and soccer. I love it when girls play!

Pepper, do they spread a lot? I'm sure liking them!

Minnesippi, just getting the yard mowed is a big chore out of the way. Mine is done and I can concentrate on planting. This week is going to be the last warm hurrah, I think.

Jeanne, I remember when I was a lot younger and couldn't remember exactly how old I was. Now I remember and don't care :o)

ROTFL over the senior moment! I find I am younger than I used to think this age was!

I remembered to get my flu shot Friday. I do feel good about that. The H1N1 is included in it this year. No more flu for me!! It didn't hurt either :o)

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

43.8 out back right now - headed for 70's today. I was for some reason chilled to the bone last night so I broke down and turned the furnace on. :( Luckily, I can turn it off in an hour or two.
No - Elsa will not be babysitting. Lol.
DD's first year is soccer - she is goalie and she loves it. Good at it too. Softball was the same way for her over the summer. She was a natural at that. Which was surprising. She's more on the "nerdy" side when it comes to sports - but since we found one she loved and excelled at, she is "turning off the nerdy" :D Dont remember if I mentioned it - she is 11 and was invited to take the SAT's in November. A "fart smucker" as my friend said. VERY proud of her.
Mowing our yard is a huge chore. 3/4 acre with a push mower and a hill in front that is getting harder and harder to walk up. SO need to come up with a retaining wall solution for the front but it wold be a $25k job...and I haven't planted a money tree yet. I keep looking for a school or student or something so I cant get it done "for parts", but no luck yet.
You are as young as you feel, regardless of age...and most days that makes me about 85 after my chores are done.
Had momma and her crew in their cat bed up on my bed last night. Dotn think I will be doing that again. They are noisy when they get hungry. They woke me about every 2 hours. But Tweek was more comfortable I think. She snuggled with me most of the night, which isn't like her. Right now they are fighting over nipples. I need to "write their names on them" so they quit fighting ;) lol. 'now you each get two...no reason to fight' LOL!
Have a good day ya'll. Enjoy the sun.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Highs in low 70s, lows going back up to mid to high 40s. Sunny and no rain in sight yet.

Thumbnail by pepper23
Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

40/77 Sunny. Winds light and variable.

Minnesippi, same thing here, about being chilled to the bone. It must be that first sign that the body is adjusting to something :o)

Wow, just 11 with a good head on her shoulders. How nice to feel sooo proud!

That is very much to mow. I think a rider would be cheaper an d just push the hill. I have a small ditch running the length of the property and my next mower is going to be self propelled!

I have 0.40 Acres; 17,280 SF. Most of it is garden and flower beds, two garages and a house. We got a second garage by buying the lot next door and selling the mobile home that sat there. Same for the garden, or else I wouldn't have anything!

A HUGE AWWWW! Are you sure the kittens can't sleep up there :o)

Pepper, LOVE the colors!

We took the boys home yesterday and enjoyed the babies. Both were awake :o))

Walnuts down from the wind.

Thumbnail by billyporter
Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

I'm right under the tree in both pictures :o)

Thumbnail by billyporter
Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Beautiful weekend here, was 57 Saturday morning at sunrise, but still warmed up to 80. We sat around the fire at our friends house and when we got home around ten PM our son and his gal were out in our backyard roasting wieners over our fire pit. DH and I sat out last night around the fire pit and then we laid in our hammock and looked up at the stars and we both dozed off. I woke up to his snoring around midnight...wonder what our neighbors think....lol.

minnesippi the baby kitties are adorable...good thing I live far away...I sure don't need four cats...lol.

Texasgal glad to hear of the rain and COOLER weather...feels good doesn't it?

Pepper that toothache plant looks interesting...why is it called a toothache plant anyhow? Your weather sounds wonderful.

ErzsebetF that is pretty cool, we won't see that cool for a couple months yet...we are usually in your area this time of year, have a RV and always head to GA, SC, and NC this time of year for a month. But we had other things this year to keep us at home...I am missing my trip to the mountains...BIG TIME.

Billy anything in the thirties is too cold for me, glad to see you are warming up a bit. I have never had a flu shot or the flu. But I really need to get one.

Minnie that is one smart daughter you have...I'm sure you are very proud of her.
I can just imagine being in bed with all those cats/kittens. I woke up this morning with all three of my cats in bed with me, we had the windows open so the house cooled down to 70. They only get in bed with us when they are cold. I don't like them sleeping on me, one of the boys weighs almost twenty pounds, I'm sure... and he won't budge when I want to roll over. They do love the cooler weather and are running all over the house this morning playing.

Wow Billy that is a lot of walnuts...what do you do with them all?

59 this morning but heading up to 83 and the rest of the week we'll be back up to the mid to upper 80's. and no more nice upper 50's at night or sitting around the fire...but was nice for the weekend. Have a great week everyone.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Sunkissed, ROTFL, but that was awesome!!

A month long vacation. I've never had one, but it sure sounds like a nice change of pace.

I used to get the flu a lot when I was a kid, and a teen. Then I kind of grew out of it, and bronchaitis. Last year, with the flu I threw up everything but water till I went to the Dr. I didn't even know it was the flu. I thought I had sinus really bad, LOL! That was right on the tail end of getting over bronchaitis. Another suprise, to find out I had IT!
So, flu shots for me from now on. I am a bit ''over the hill'' at 54 :o)

Cracking up! I share my pillow with a 12#'er. He isn't there when I fall asleep :o)

The walnuts get tossed across the road in the weeds for the squirrels to find. It's old railroad property and the Nichols Ag building is on the other side so we get no complaints.

Great week coming here!

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

Great week coming here also. 80's in the forecast all week! Too bad I don't have any vacation time :( SO much to do still.
I tilled up a garden yesterday - pulling out about 60 (+/-) fern, a 5 gallon bucket of wild violets (hiss) and ditch lily. I hafta get rid of that crap. Garden is approx 7ft x 30ft give or take on the 30ft. I took pictures but they are on my camera (sitting here next to me) and I dont have a way to get them on the computer from work. So I will post them later. Got all the crap dug out by hand, tilled it up and replanted the bleeding heart, 20 iris, magnolia, ginko & dinosaur trees, a shrub that I have no idea what it is and dropped a bunch of seed for next spring. I remembered to mark everything as well :) except the blanket flower - but I will do that tonight. My bleeding heart was HUGE!! I dug a 3ft x 3ft section full of roots. I couldnt get over how big it was! So if anyone wants bareroot bleeding heart, let me know now - I can drop it in the mail before I throw it all in a hole. I have enough for 10-15 people after I replanted some and set some aside for 3 other people! My fingers hurt from digging as does my lower back. Had the back firepit going all day yesterday and it was nice. Acorns popping every now and again. Gotta be careful - it doesnt feel good getting nailed by one.

So kittens are doing well. Tweek gets anxious when she hears them crying. DH & I were left to babysit for a while last night and when she came back she was very nervous. We were each holding 2 and she didn't know who to sit with. I just love all their toes! They each weight about 4oz. Tweek is back down to just over 8#. She was 9.6# about 6 hours before delivery.

I dont do flu shots. They put me down for a week. If I would have know ahead of time I was going to be sick last week I would have went ahead and got one - but not now. Finally feeling better. Not 100%, but better. Still lots of sinus drainage and the loose cough.

Billy - I have acorns like you have walnuts. Do deer eat them or just squirrels? We put them in a pile this year for the deer.

I would love a month long vacation. Would settle for a week (with perfect weather of course).

I am requesting a "redo" for this morning...woke up late, couldnt keep my mascara on my lashes to save my life, cranky, dumped my coffee all over myself and the kitchen floor - no time to change my pants, just my socks which were soaked. Wiped up the kitchen floor - will need to wash it when I get home. THEN I spilled my coffee again in the car..DS tries to hide cars in his backpack on me, fundraiser due today, tailgater most of the way to work and I am already out of work to do today. I will be updating the resume and searching for supplemental work to do...smh. Dr took me off my Zoloft (to see if it is related to my headaches) and man..can I tell. I am so cranky today I just want to bury my head in the garden.

North is looking for warmer temps, south is looking for cooler temps. Funny. We just need some rain. We are 3" below and Sept was record setting for lack of rain.

We have a rider, but the mower deck hasnt been on it for 2 years. I prefer the push mower. Its my exercise. But no matter what you use on the front hill, its a pain in the back side. The rider will tip if it isnt angled right. The 3/4 acre does have a side by side duplex, a detached garage and according to my husband, too many gardens. Lol. I would love more property - specifically my neighbors to the east property. 1) because they drive us nuts, 2) because they have about 1.5 acres and are surrounded by nature, have a pond and are also @ a dead end like we are. Their fence is falling down, so might as well kick them out and just knock down the fence :)

Obvious I dont have any work to do..huh? ;)

Yes, very proud of DD. She is wise beyond her years and has always had an "old" soul. I already can't help her with her homework :(

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

found me a cord :)
Maggie has to be a helper. She needs to learn how to dig where I want, not where she wants...

Thumbnail by minnesippi
brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

Can you count all my toes? :)

Thumbnail by minnesippi
KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Warming back up to low 80s again. I want my 70s back!! lol

Here is some info on the toothache plant. Everyone calls it a tender perennial but it came back for me no problem this year.


Thumbnail by pepper23
Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

45/81 Mainly sunny. Warm. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

Minnesippi, that is a dream bed!! I wish I had the room to set everything out of a bed, till I could get it, or something, back in.

Bleeding Hearts (Spectibilis anyway) are tender. I can never dig one without breaking off the roots, so I leave mine where they are.

ROTFL!!! Try getting hit with a walnut!!

Oh, baby kitties. So so sweet and adorable. Tweek is quite the Mama too!

Flu shots shouldn't make anyone sick. It's a dead virus. I think people are coming down with something right before they get one.

Deer adore them! Squirrels, mice, blue jays, etc. love them too.

Awww on feeling cranky. If you had headaches all your life, I doubt the Zoloft is causuing them now. But, I'm not a Dr.

Oh yeah! We never have enough land. I covet either tythe north or south properties here. The north at least has a shed with a storm celler in it. It could double as a root cellar. It's also three properties like mine. The south is a single, 60', by 20' at the end.

Oh Maggie, you're a pretty one!

Oh! What a doll! More nails to dig into you when they harden :o)

Pepper, how tall is your salvia?

Wow, I knew it was used for toothaches, but it is some plant!

Yesterday, I washed yard ornaments and packed them up. I looked over the flower beds. I got the last oriental lilys dug and I am seriously thinking of planting all in their own pot and burying it this Fall. It would be so much easier to move them.

Yesterday another bunch of linemen came and started on the tree line across the road. I cringe over every one that comes down, but high wires run along there and they are just doing what needs to be done. In 35 years, a tree has never fallen on the lines, but after the straight line winds, the insulator broke and we had a ''Wizard of Oz'' flare up and BANG. (Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.) It was pretty exciting :o)

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

80's today!! YEAH!!
I was "inspecting" kittens last night. the one I though had 23 toes has 25!! SO funny!

My same thoughts on the Zoloft. Instead I get to go through withdrawls (brain goes "ZZZT" every now and again)
Maggie & Tweek are the same color. Maggie went through a psudo pregnancy when we got Tweek. Guess she thought Tweek was hers. Lol.
I know the flu virus is dead, but it never fails - always get sick after one. Maybe its all in my head :)
The squirrels dug up a few of my Brodaea bulbs in that bed yesterday :( There was only 5 in the package and I got them "for" my son Brodie. (Closest I could get to his name). Have an Aubrey Johnson daylily in the bed across for my daughter Aubrey too. They were so excited when they knew plants were "named after" them :)

Toothache plant is interesting. How big does it get? Is it like a shrub?

I need to quit searching plants during the day...my want list is getting bigger and bigger - and I realized I need to live in zone 9 ;)LOVE those tropicals.
My BH's break apart too - but that just means more plants :) I had divided one in the spring and got 20 plants out of it. This one I could get 30 or more. I have the "good" roots set aside. Some have buds on them already. Some were totally "dissolved" and just crumbled. Very interesting root system how it intertwines. Also founf TONS of JoePye roots in amongst the pile.

Well, I will have a little more to do @ work today. Have to send some reports out. I worked a total of 12 minutes yesterday. Today probably more like an hour and a half. A meeting will take up an hour. What to do...

(Zone 7a)

It is possible to get sick with a flu vaccine. Some are made with a weakened live version of the virus and other made with the dead virus. The kind they shoot in your nose is live.

Raining today! Woohoo! 62 now.

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Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

HI, guys! Still busy here, terrible drought...hasn't been raining since August 4 so I need to water thouroughlly everyday. Still very hot outside too, although it's October...too weird! I may be away for a few days, until I will pay my DG subscription, but you've already got acustomed to this!LOL
Sending hugs to all!


Thumbnail by adinamiti
(Zone 7a)

Looks yummy, Adina! See you soon!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

The toothache plant for me is only about 6 inches tall or so. Not very tall at all. Great for the front of a bed.

Hot with temps in the high 80s today. Most of Kansas (and some other states surrounding it) are under a red flag warning due to the dry conditions. No rain now for several weeks and with low humidity and falling leaves the danger is high. So far we aren't under the warning but if we don't get the promised rain this weekend we probably will be. I'll get another pic tomorrow from a different angle.

Some of my tropicals waiting to go back in the house for winter. Plumeria, hibiscus and elepant ear.

Thumbnail by pepper23
Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Thanks, Celia! I wasn't gone for too long!LOL I have a guardian angel who paid for my subscription yesterday, so here I am! I don't know who did this, so I will say thank you for who did this on every thread!LOL
Still warm and sunny, drought everywhere, except my garden where the soil is wet and doesn't get dry so quickly anymore...maybe because of the very low temps during the night, only 51F. We had 85F at noon today!!!!!
Minnesippi, love your cute pets!
Pepper, great shot of the toothache plant!
Sunset on my street.


Thumbnail by adinamiti
(Zone 7a)

Guardian Angels are fun, aren't they. Pretty sunset!

Much cooler today. 57 and calm now with high clouds. I think we're in for high wionds and rain late. Time to batten down.

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

headed for 86 today. No rain again - warnings all over due to the dryness. Have to make sure I get out there and water tonight.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Sunny & warm. Summertime temps.
Last night was really nice. Bright moon, 63, slight breeze. Only sound were combines in the distance..Soybeans are nearly all out.
Corn harvesting has started. Crop looks real good & the best part, the corn is dry enough that big oil won't be selling gas to dry it. (They had raised the price of LP gas just in time for the harvest. Hope they choke of the gas!)

I am working on my house siding. Will post pictures later.

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

wanted to play hookie today from work. It is beautiful! Got my wish - but unfortunately it is because my DD is beside herself with the loss of a friend. http://www.twincities.com/ci_19040691

Here is the garden I need to get back into and finish (picture above is after I dug - this one is after I replanted)

Think I have lost some asiatic lily too. Squirrels go nuts (no pun intended) during the day when the dogs are locked inside.

Watering the back yard - lawn, veggies and gardens today. No rain in weeks. Driest Sept on record and nothing in Oct so far. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for Saturday.
WED Sunny. 82 / 54
THU Mostly sunny.77 / 54
FRI Increasing cloudiness. 78 / 58
SAT Sprinkles. Increasing cloudiness. 74 / 59
SUN Rain. Overcast. 72 / 55

Thumbnail by minnesippi
Winter Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Well we broke down and turned the AC back on last evening, the cats don't like their Florida room closed off to them. It still felt nice this morning 63, and I saw that bright moon last night. Was some clouds this morning but the skies have been really blue. Supposed to start getting rain by this weekend...of course because we plan on going camping and kayaking.

Minnie those are a lot of toes on that kitty...so cute. Oh and I'm in zone 9b and it is good and bad, because we get really hot, drought, too wet, lots of bugs that chomp, then freezing temps. We get it all...and pesky squirrels that eat my veggies.

Billy I can imagine a walnut would hurt, I've got acorns hitting me out in the yard all the time. I have seven oaks, so lots of acorns. I hate seeing huge trees be cut down also. They sort of cut down the middle of ours leaving a V shape where the lines go. Doesn't look too great, but at least they leave the tree.

Adina nice crop there...I went out this morning to pick two bell peppers I knew were ready and they are completely and totally gone...I'm sure it is the pesky squirrels....UGH!

CG...too funny...I hope so too. Funny how fast the gas goes up...but never drops back down as fast. OUr corn season was way back in May...and wasn't the best this year because we were in a drought back then. I think last year wasn't good because too much rain...always something.

Pepper I looked up that toothache plant. that is a pretty neat thing to have around. I like to have medicinal plants in the yard.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Well, we got done what we could until we ran out of materials.

Thumbnail by CountryGardens
KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Cooler today but not by much. A friend and my grandma both harvested their sweet potatoes today. Both got big harvests. I'll dig mine up hopefully Sunday.

Thumbnail by pepper23
Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Amanda, you have become quite a professional gardener. So proud to call you my friend. Looking at "Lucys Chocolate Factory" right now.

(Zone 7a)

It's raining! We've had .27" in the last hour with more coming down.

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

broke a 132 year record yesterday by 1 degree. Made it to 88*
low 50's over night - 82* today.

Rain coming this weekend...needed badly (as it is so many places)

(Zone 7a)

Seems records were broken all over this year.

We have rain now. 1.28" since 5pm last evening.

Thumbnail by kwanjin

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