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pawpaw (asimina triloba ) tree in a container?

Needville, TX(Zone 9a)

Do you think I could successfully (by this I mean get fruit) grow a pawpaw in a container?
I have some very large tubs (21" across by 18" tall). I know that pawpaws have a long tap root.

I once bought a 5 year old pawpaw in a nursery pot, When I planted it I noticed its tap root circled around. It flowered that Spring, and had tiny fruitlets, but dropped them, as there was no other pawpaw pollinator. Then the tree died that very hot summer.

My soil and water is so alkaline, and my Zone 9a SW Houston sun is so hot, that I think I could manage them better in pots. I have blueberries in these containers and they are happy as clams.

Having them in containers would allow me to keep them on my covered patio, while young, then slowly move them out into full sun later. I could also control the soil.

So, has anyone tried this? How big are the trees before they start fruiting?

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

It seems like I just answered this question - maybe on another forum or forum site?

The taproot is no problem. It's unlikely the plant would be seedling anyway, unless collected from the wild. It's probably a cutting or graft unless collected & technically wouldn't have a tap root extending from a seed radical.

You'll find a LOT of information about growing trees in containers here,
including how to properly maintain roots. If you have additional questions after reading, you can ask there or here.


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