Passiflora for fruit (P. edulis vs. P. edulis flavicarpa)

Fern Park, FL(Zone 9b)

I bought a passionfruit vine at a garden show last spring intending to grow for fruit. The guy who sold it to me said it was the kind that is grown for fruit, but he didn't know the scientific name. I brought it home and planted it in my garden. It has really taken off and is covered with flowers, but I never saw a single fruit. I even hand pollinated several flowers, but still nothing. After some researching online I found the P. edulis will self-pollinate, but that P. edulis flavicarpa needs another plant to share pollen with. With more reading I found out that the flavicarpa variety is more cold-sensative and the fruit is more tart - both of which are undesirable for me.

So, now I am probably going to need to locate another passionfruit plant, and this time need to be sure that it is P. edulis, not P. edulis flavicarpa. Does anyone know how I can be sure of what I'm buying? Are there any features on the plant that I can look at to differentiate the two? Does anyone have a reliable source?

The picture is of one of the many flowers on my vine...

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San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

I'm certainly no expert, but I don't think your plant is any variety of P. edulis. There are many P. edulis cultivars (i.e. 'Frederick', etc), but here are some images and descriptions from what I would consider to be a reputable site.
P. edulis:
P. edulis flavicarpa:

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Punta Gorda, FL(Zone 9b)

Here's an edulis flavicarpa for you. In about another month I'll have seed to it. The fruits are ripening now. Keep me in mind, I'm looking for other passie seed, or other types
of butterfly plants for trade. )

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Punta Gorda, FL(Zone 9b)

Here's the unripe fruits on the same vine.
edit: I think Sunny's right-that is no cultivar of edulis!
My husband said that the fruits are so sweet, he could
only drink them as juice. He prefers incarnata as a fruit to eat, as it is not only sweet,
but also crosses into a slight tart flavor that balances it out.

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LE TAMPON, Reunion (French)

The plant you bought is definitely NOT P.edulis nor P.edulis flavicarpa, the guy who sold it does not know a thing about those plants...picture looks like some hybrid with alata or quadrangularis parentage, most hybrids are steriles! There are many many varieties amongst the edulis/flavicarpa, some can be very sweet, some quite sour and rather variable from seed so if you want something reliable you better get cuttings from a serious source.

Fern Park, FL(Zone 9b)

Update...I ripped out all the vines I had planted (based on info in this thread and on other sites, I determined this was not P. edulis). I'm wondering what you could call a "serious source" for P. edulis because now I am leery of being misguided again. Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

I've had very good luck with Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants, and I believe they are a reputable source for true-to-name passiflora within the passiflora 'community.'

I've also had good luck with eBay seller Passiflorista, however he doesn't appear to have P.edulis for sale at the moment.

Fern Park, FL(Zone 9b)

Thank you! That looks like a good website!

LE TAMPON, Reunion (French)

A serious source would be someone who grows vines bearing good fruits hence being able to provide seeds or cuttings (those are better of course). If you are in Florida you should be able to find nurseries which specialise in fruit species, there you will get what you want.

Ft Myers, FL(Zone 10a)

Did you ever get your p. edulis seeds or plants? I have plenty of edulis fruiting and ripening right now, hence ready to plant seeds

Mulberry, FL

I have p. edius Panama Red and the regular seedlings

Fort Worth, TX

I want some seeds for passion flower (fruiting would be nice, my bees would pollinate) Pm me? The old fashioned purple parasol type is my favorite, drought hardy, not a fancy hybrid, but I do not know enough about the cultivars to put a name to it.

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