stop and smell the sunflowers!

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

Let me start by saying that I have little experience growing sunflowers, which will change next year when we plant several acres for feed. This year i grew a packet of mixed sunflowers in my first garden in my first home. This is all new to me!
Like (most?) people i am familiar with the imagery of huge fields of giant yellow sunflowers reaching their big faces toward the sun. I have seen a million and one sunflowers in my day, and never really thought to smell them. I was impressed visually, but never aromatically by them. Maybe this is because while standing at a whopping 4'11" i am rarely nose level to a sunflower, or knee high to a grasshopper.
Well today i picked off some drying heads to save seeds of some of this years little patch i grew. These were a mixed seed, that my fiances grandmother had here in the house and i would like to keep growing them in her memory.
While i was de-seeding the giant flower i was overwhelmed by the fragrance of one of the larger flowers. It's still filling my kitchen with a smell The is almost like a carnation, with a hint of fall warmth, lol i have no idea how to describe this scent. Maybe a spicy daisy? Anyway, i was shocked to learn these have such a nice sent. I assume there must be some that smell more, or better than others. Does anyone here have experience with fragrant sunflowers?
When i plant these next year i aim to chose the most fragrant and beautiful each year in hopes of one day having my very own sunflower. Any recommendations i can plant to better my odds of having a great smelling super sunflower?

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

If that doesn't make people plant sunflowers next spring, I don't know what will, LOL!

But I am! I've never noticed a scent in the tallest ones, but I haven't grown many either. This is cool!

How will you use them in feed?

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

OH81, I'm a fan of Sunflowers. Never have the luxury of growing them. So I'll pull a chair and stand by and learn from your shared experience. :))

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

LilyLove, I got lost in the video. Very soothing :o)

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

haha, thanks. I have a bag full of seeds ready to start this spring. :)
As for the feed. They are dried on the flower and combined in the fall like corn. Feed mills here buy the seed for bird seed, and small animals. Not sure we'll do them. But it's a plan in the idea stage. Either way i'll be growing them cause they're so pretty and sunny. They brighten up the cooling days at the end of summer.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Outlaw, once, I saw a sunflower farm. It blew me away! I figured it was for birdseed. If I was a cow, I'd love to find sunflower seeds in my food :o)

Just outside of town, in a small area, we had a family plant sunflowers too. There weren't so many, but they sure were pretty!

It's times like this I wish I lived in the country on an acre or few!

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Bp, the sight of the Sunflower farm must have been mesmerizing! I too wished that I live in the country-- with land so I can plant all the Sunflowers to heart's content. Dream, dream keep 'em alive for who knows if and when it'll be true.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Lily_love, yes, it really was something to see and I didn't have a camera with me. I always wanted to plant a sunflower house for the grandsons. So far, I've had no place to put one.

Smiling, I do have a farm in my mind.

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