Passion flavored tea

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

I'd always thought when you'd see passion fruit being used in foood and beverages they were somehow gathering the juice from inside ..around the seeds.. and putting ths into the mix...
Today I was sitting having a lovely Jasmine tea from a chinese botique tea company.. and was shown by my hoast ... this designer her passon tea ...which she gave me some of and is pictured here... the mix had a number of corsely chopped items in it..
in the picture there's the pile of the tea mix... around the edge is... @ about
2 o'clock the tiny currants...
3 o'clock the tiny tea leaves..
4 o'clock corse chopped passion fruit skin
5 o'clock chunks of dried pineapple
So they are using the husk.. the outer covering of the fruit sliced and cubed to steep in with the tea... I wonder how many other items use the passion skin for the passion flavorings
and not the juce at all... and here I was throwing these away.. after getting the juice or seeds..

Thumbnail by GordonHawk
Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

I thought they used the leaves for tea.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Roxxanne... passion leaves for passion tea .. I never thought about it .. I was thinking maybe they juiced the passion fruit.. then soaked the slightly cured skin in it... then in getting the skin in a pot of tea... you were really just removing the passsion juice from it.. like a bit of a sponge.. maybe they treat the leaves in the same way... or maybe they use the skin in some and the leaves in others... as having different tastes and properties..
I bet we'd answer alot of these questions reading on the native uses of them

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

Here's some info on medicinal uses of passiflora. The second link has a section on brewing passiflora tea...interesting stuff for sure.

Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

I'll be out picking some leaves tomorrow!

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

interesting article.. the leaves have a depressive quality.. wonder what the skin of the fruit is like, or the juice??

Paxton, FL(Zone 8a)

Gordon, years ago, Tom and I dried passionflower leaves and then crushed them and made a tea. He swears it is the best sleep aid. I've not heard of using the fruit for tea. Did I read somewhere that there is only one edible passionflower fruit or are they all edible?

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

interesting article and ideas. i never thought of the skin or leaves. i guess it makes sense. i wonder too if you can use any passiflora or only the fruiting type? i have 3 different fruiting ones the green, purple possum, and granadilla? (some giant one that i got from a nieghbor). the only way i have ever had it was to scoop out the insides into a blender add water, blend, strain out the seeds. the water is so refreshing. the blender gets the jelly off them and doesnt hurt them. dry the seeds. plant and repeat! i am going to try the leaves...

Paxton, FL(Zone 8a)

Candela, that giant one you have, has it bloomed? I and a friend bought a passionflower with huge leaves from somewhere??? Wal-Mart or Lowe's??? But neither one of us has seen a bloom yet. Got it last spring. My friend said she read somewhere on a tag that it was enjoyed for the large tropical leaves. Surely it blooms.

The one we dried leaves from was the wild one that grows on our property in lower Alabama. I've always thought it was incarnata, maybe. It is a purple. But strangely, the blooms don't seem exactly the same as they did some years ago. The corona filaments are not as squigley (falcate?), much straighter now.


I use maypop flowers and leaves cut and dried for a tea all the time, mix it with my chamomile and dandelion root, great for a Nitetime tea! is very restive! ...the fruit itslf is too tart (that is being kind, lol) & there are lots and lots of garden edibles people dont know about, like ferntips, are great for you...the little culy fiddleheads i will cut some once ina while and put in salad, rouyal queen fern avaialable at most garden departments/nurseries and other varieties...full of greenfood goodness.
herbally yours
:Darren /fernman23

Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

I'm going to have to try the leaves as tea this year. My Maypop has delicious fruit, pretty sweet. I can't wait to have some again!


hi Roxxanne, if your Maypop fruit my plant may be incorrectly I.D.d…its poss. something close. But edible. Tricky part of getting and ID over the web via photos) White flowers and 2 in width, w/ purple and black stamen and "squigly'' parts; small orange bitter very seedy fruit and EXTREME vine growth with great winter survival, including snow to 115 in Summer. Whatever the variety, great tea.

Broward County, FL(Zone 10b)

The only passion fruit plant to use, that I know of, is the Maypop (incarnata) to have sedative qualities. And that quality is only in the leaves. You can even buy tea bags made of them, being sold as a sleep aid.

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