Harder to find gessies

Charlotte, MI

I would gladly trade or puchase cuttings/plants/tubers/rhizomes if anyone has any of these available.

xGlokohleria 'Pink Heaven'
xGlokohleria 'Scarlett Letter'
Gloxinia 'Dragon Song'
Achimenes antirrhina
Achimenes 'Ice Tea'
Achimenes 'Ninur'

The following list is available through the seed fund but if I'd much rather trade with someone if they have cuttings/tubers/rhizomes/plants available.
Chautemsia calcicola
Diastema affine
Diastema latiflorum
Gloxinia erinoides 'Red Satin'
Henckelia albomarginata
Henckelia hispida
Henckelia malayana
Ramonda myconi
Seemannia gymnostoma
Seemannia nematanthodes
Seemannia purpurascens
Sinningia amambayensis
Sinningia araneosa
Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent'
Sinningia defoliata
Sinningia lineata
Sinningia macrophylla
Sinningia macropoda
Sinningia macrostachya
Sinningia piresiana
Sinningia richii 'Robson Lopes'

Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

I have seedlings of Sinningia araneosa to share and tiny seedlings of Diastema latiflorum that definitely will need another few months before they're ready to ship...

Other than that, I have cuttings of Seemannia nematanthodes and Sinningia macrostachya.

I also can check my pot of Gloxinia erinoides 'Red Satin' for rhizomes.

The Chautemsia is the one that I am after as well and since I currently have absolutely no time to tend to even more seedlings than I already have, will remain on the wish list for the time being... :)

The is true for the xGlokohlerias, xPhinastema 'California Dreaming' etc. A lot of those rhizomatous intergenerics seem to be hard to come by.

Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

a few years ago I grew sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent'.and sent cuttings to quite a few of the older members on this forum..Hopefully some of them are still growing it .Mine went dormant and never woke up.I finally tossed it this past spring


Charlotte, MI

Thanks Jan. I might not like it after I get it but I still want to try.

bsimpson...I have tried really hard to find more of the intergenerics. About the time it seems impossible, I run across another one. I'll keep looking and grabbing them as I find them.
I've had xSmithicodonia Heartland's Joy in bloom almost all summer and xGloximannia She's Dancing is just now producing its first buds. You can bet I'll be propogating the heck out of these when they are finished. I had them in the greenhouse all summer and they loved it so I am hoping to find a bunch of rhizomes in those pots as I would like to have enough to fill a 6" pot of each of those.

However the heat did a number on some things...got very tiny rhizomes from the kohleria's that were out there. While they grew and bloomed wonderfully, they didn't produce the nice fat rhizomes they usually do. I am hoping the ones inside did better but I'm not counting on it.

Anyway...I sent you a private note about the things you do have.

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