Some new babies - I always find room for just 1 more or 3

Yardley, PA

I just bought the:
Adansonia digitata
Fouquieria purpussii
Fouquieria columnaris

Just love my new babies. Can't wait to put them in the garden next summer and see what they do.

Thumbnail by Sally0
Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

Looking good. The cirio (F. columnaris) is a winter grower in my experience... not sure what it will do for you, but it slows way down in the summer here, even with regular water. In any case, cirios grow better in the ground, so you should try that. Left in a container, they seem to just grow fatter instead of becoming tree-like like they do in nature.

Dartmouth, NS(Zone 6a)


Yardley, PA

Thanks for the info Baja.

Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Nice caudiforms are lovely

Los Angeles, CA(Zone 10a)

Wow that's a nice big Euphorbia francoisii in the background. Love the fairly succulent, reddish, patterned leaves.

Decatur, GA

Here is my Adansonia digitata. I started it from a seed about 10 years ago and thought it would eventually be doomed in a pot. But so far so good. I realized I could prune it and keep it in a pot after it had gotten big and then I did a bad job trimming it. Do you think I could cut the trunk in half safely next spring?
BTY, I keep it in the back room without water for the winter months. It always comes back.
PS; where did you get your new plants?

Thumbnail by helenchild
Yardley, PA

I have already started to cut mine back. You should not have a problem cutting it back IMO.

Decatur, GA

Since I stopped watering about a month ago and as you can see it is starting to drop its leaves I am wondering it it might be better to wait until spring to start cutting? It is about 21/2+ feet tall, not counting the pot.

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