2011 wrap-up. How were crops in your area ?

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Though it would be interesting to see what farm crops were like in different parts of the country.
Here, the corn crop was a high average yield. Around 190 bushels to the acre. Nice & dry, so no drying costs. High test weights.
Soybeans on the other hand were all over the place. Early planted near 60 bushels per acre.
Later plantings & ones not mature when frost hit Sept. 13, as low as 40 bushels.
No other farm crops here of any amount.

Our market garden was good overall. Some things better than average & some near failure.
That's why we diversify & don't concentrate on any one crop.
Nearly done now, as winter is closing in. Snow flurries forecast for next week!


Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Eewww..........keep the snow. I still have plants to drag up to the g'house. LOL

Haven't heard what beans are running here.........will ask the guy that rented our cropland. He hasn't taken off any corn yet, not much corn off down here as everyone is full-bore on bean harvest.

Richmond, TX

Due to the exceptional drought here there was no corn crop. Farmers cut and baled the dried up stalks and are selling it as "hay" since there was no hay cut either except off irrigated meadows. I don't know how soy beans did, but I can't imagine it was good. Rice did ok since it is not rain-dependent, and I think they got about half the normal yield in cotton. The farmers who planted early got a fair crop of sorghum, but later plantings failed. The extension service is warning us that, even though we have gotten some recent rain, we should not get too optimistic about winter plantings. Joy!

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

We had a great crop of pumpkins this year, 2&1/2 acres of baby Pam, & howden.
& great year for squash here despite the vine borers.

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Waddy, KY

Yields depended upon what part of the county you were in this year. The west and east end of the county had good yields. My dad's farm did about 180 bu./ac of corn while the middle of the county did well to make 60 bu. Rain after rain went around them and the northern part. I didn't have to water any of the garden until late in the season. I had more problems finding time to get things done.

Right now we've finally got enough rain to fill the biggest lake in the county. It was in the part of the county that didn't get rain and was really down. It appears that the water tables here are now back up as the creeks are starting to come close to overflowing now when it rains. I don't recall them getting out of their banks at all this summer.

Thankfully with reducing the herd some and having a good hay harvest I think we'll have enough hay to get through the winter. If I can convince DH to ship the steers instead of holding them maybe we can decrease our feed bill and get through a little better than we did last year. I know the dairy folk laugh at a $1500-$3000 feed bill a month but for us beef folk that was no laughing matter.


Richmond, TX

I'm down to seven cows. They are selling round bales of rice straw for $100 here. Local hay is nonexistent. The outlook for the winter is grim. It is staying warm enough that we might still get a little winter pasture - if only it would RAIN!

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Bernie, Albert wants to know if the product, Boast, that you recommended to him year before last year will kill day lilies or iris. Also would it seep over and be dangerous in the veggie rows? My flower beds in the main vegetable garden are full of creeping winter weeds to the point that something other than pulling all of them out needs to be done. He thinks highly of your opinions and trusts your judgement so if you would be so kind, let us know. Thanks.

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