care for adenia glauca in winter?

Fort Wayne, IN

This is its first winter in the north and I was wandering if the leaves turning yellow is normal? Do I start withholding water and fertilizer. And does it loose all its leaves? It did very well for me this summer and I don't want to mess anything up. All experience welcome!! One more ? does it ever sprout 2 or more stems?

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Yardley, PA

Be careful as they are very water sensitive in dirt in the winter. I have mine in semi hydroponics and have not had a problem with rot but I lost a few when I had them in dirt.
Just keep dry and you should be fine. You definitely can start withholding the fertilizer and water. It will loose all of it's leaves and that is fine.

Fort Wayne, IN

Thanks Sally.

Decatur, GA

Here is a picture of my old A.glauca. It has been in dirt its whole life and so far so good. I have found it to be fairly tolerate compared to others caudiciforms. I got it about 18years ago. Its one of my oldest plants.
As you can see it is starting to loose it leaves. It always does. It flourished and bloomed all this past summer on the porch with lots of water and fertilizer. But now I may lightly water it once a month until it puts out new growth in the spring or around April. It has been pretty happy sitting in a dark corner for the winter.
Good luck with yours acts. You should do fine with it.

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Fort Wayne, IN

Wow Helen thats a doozy! Thanks.

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