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two new kaempferia

Blackshear, GA

Bought these last weekend...K. grande and I forgot the other. Does anyone have experience growing these?

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Saint Gabriel, LA

The other one is Kaempferia rotunda 'Raven'. What would you like to know about Kaenpferia? Most are Zone 8 hardy if grown in shady well drained areas. All have a natural winter dormancy and are easily grown as pot plants assuming the pots are stored dry over the winter in a cool dry area. There are many species out there, but only a few easily found in the trade these days.

Tim Chapman

Blackshear, GA

Hi Tim,
I love these...want more of them, but like you said, not readily available. I happened to find these down in florida and couldn't pass them up. I have one and I pretty much leave it alone, seems to do best that way. I have it in a pot and keep it in the GH during the winter. So you think I could plant it in the ground here (8b) and it would come back? I have so many plants, I am trying to put mor of them in the ground, but only if I am sure they will return.

Also, do you know of a reliable source to order these from?

Does the above two require any special growing conditions? or are they all pretty much the same?

Here is the one I have had for 3-4 years you know its name?

Thank you

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Saint Gabriel, LA

I am in zone 8b and most are fully hardy provided they get good drainage especially during the winter months. There a few difficult species but you won't encounter them for sale in the US.

The two you have don't really have any special needs per se, though I've found K sp 'Grande' is more sensitive to rot and definitely needs good drainage. I'd hold off til next season to plant them to get a full season to get established.

Your other one is a K pulchra. Maybe 'Silverspot' or 'Alva' hard to say for sure.
I'll send you a pm about others I offer.

Tim Chapman

Blackshear, GA

OK, thank you

Bronson, FL

I think I have 5-7 different kaempherias maybe we can work something out. I have

Rotunda Frost
Pink Lace
Satin Checks

I think I have more too I'll have to look!

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