Need Japanese Maple ID help, continued: JM No. 2 entire tre

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

Need Japanese Maple ID help, continued: JM No. 2 entire tre

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Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

As said many times it is not possible tpo Id 99% of trees .. for those new to collecting KEEP TAGS ON .. and if planting out make a map and scan it into your friggin computer .. tags will break fall off or become unreadable you will never remember them and it is a waist of our time to even try to ID them . If you get a plant without a tag get a new one and put it on you should be able to do so by process of illumination from what you boughtt ... EASY if done right away ... If a seller sells you all untagged trees best to deep six them since they are selling you nothings.and are not trusteed sellers never buyn from themk again even if they are CHEAP ... the olsd saying youn usually get what you pay for. Davidsan

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

David it sounds like her friend simply gave her these trees and never saved the tags - she paid $0 so it is a GREAT deal! - And as the trees mature and ID will happen.

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

she will never id these trees to100%certainty, those folks at the essense of trees won t you won't and I wont it will be just a guess even Buchholz won't .. ain't gonna happen no way now no way in future ... yoiu might have an idea but you will never be certain ... when I loose a tag my trees go into a special area of unknowns ...I certainly would not sell them as otherwise. This is a discussion that can't be won and it constantly waists all of our time guessing it is absolutely a fact that you can never be sure 100% except with very few trees that are totally different which none of these are... You put a bloodgood and emperor1 together along with a bunch of other good reds and I defy you or anyone else top defintitly id them .. it ain't possible .. you night be 95% on some but never 100%. if she got them for zip then bully .... be happy with what she has and enjoy them. what they are called will not happen and it will just drive her and us crazy. There are lots of things we can help folks with and yes this forum is dead but futile searches are not helping ...Maybe there is just enough info on the internet that these forums are a bit obsolete .. at least in the case of Jms .. others seem to thrive Davidsan

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

I think that if Essence of the Tree keeps a record of their sales and CapeCodGardener can give them the name of her friend that they could at least provide the cultivar names of the trees they sold to her friend. That would at least narrow it down to a few different names and identification would be a lot easier.

Winnetka, IL

Impress your friends; make up a new name! Acer palmatum 'CapeCodGardener's Delight' ; )

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Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

easier but no sure thing. Keep those friggin tags and make a map. it all depends nonj how many she bought nand whenm still you will never be sure. Davidsan

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