Indian ancestors

Muskegon, MI

Is there a free link to find your indian background?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You might start with some of the links on Cyndi's list

Port Norris, NJ(Zone 7b)

If you know what tribe you might consider contacting the tribal council.

DISH, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi, I am new to dg but I saw this post and your question and I had to reply. It can be next to impossible to trace the entire lineage of your Native American decendants in some tribes. However, you can find answers in the strangest platforms.

I am part lakota and cherokee. We alway knew that. We knew that we were ancestors of Sitting Bull .We also heard through our family history that Sitting Bull was not at the Battle of Little Big Horn before the history books acknowledged that fact. (many arguments with school teacher over this) What we did not know, or have a clue of, was how our family got down here. We spent many years trying to track this but would run into a dead end the deeper we went in the years.
I remained a mystery for a long time.
Then I found what could be the answer on the Antique Road Show of all places. There was a woman on there with some tin types of a Lakota family. I was with my nieghbors watching it when she showed the pictures, one of the girls picture looked just like me with the exception of she had black hair and brown eyes. The historians of the Road Show researched them and said that; before the battle of Little Big Horn, this particular family was sent out for survival and made their way south. With the haunting family similarities and the story, I can only hypothosize that these were my ancestors. It is still anyones guess.
So just keep digging and keep your eyes open to answers in strange venues.

Park City, IL

I must say, the native-american papertrail began when the government started taking an inventory of the tribes, that were put on reservations and given numbers so they could be identified on the government rolls. This numbering system was done because the names that the native had were hard to write or understand. So the possibilty of tracking be made more simple if you find numbers.

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