Is it too late to transplant a rose in central Ohio?

Lancaster, OH(Zone 6a)

My sister passed away recently and I've been given permission to remove her beloved pink miniature rose. My concern is whether or not it is too late to transplant it. We have not had a hard frost but will soon, I'm sure. Would it be better to simply pot it and keep it in the garage (attached to my house but not heated) and wait until late spring to plant it or should I plant it outside now?


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Sorry no one got back to you Jill, the answer I would give you is either plant it outside or if you pot it, then you need to give it shelter like against the house wall where there is less chance of the pot freezing and the roots. I would put it in the garage IF it can be sat close to a window where there will be some light getting to it as in total darkness a plant that normally gets and requires light wont really survive without the light.

To plant now, I would prune some of the new growth away, this will save the Rose from being rocked about if it is windy and also helps remove some stress from transplanting.
add a little multi purpose feed to the soil pot or garden, this will be available for the roots come spring as the Rose begins to start growing again, once it begins to make new growth you can also add a small amount of Rose feed or Multi purpose feed around the roots and gently fork in, be careful not to damage the roots as you fork around the plant, water well and keep an eye on it, you will soon see either good new growth or signs of any problems, I would also wrap the pot (not the whole plant) in say bubble wrap to protect the pot from hard frost IF that is the norm in your area.
Hope this helps you out and your treasured Rose will bloom for many more years in your sisters memory.

Take good care and good luck. Weenel.

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