Frugal eye make up remover!!!

Virginia Beach, VA

For those who uses eye make up and removes it before going to bed at night, my eye doctor told me to use diluted baby no tears shampoo. It is cheap and hardly has chemicals on it. it also works well,

I make a little bit and put it a small capped bottle like a prescription bottle. I just use cotton applicators but do not dip into the bottle. Place a little bit in a cup.

Try it you might like it.


Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I don't use makeup but found this interesting because my optometrist advised baby shampoo for Blepharitis.

She recommended soaking the eyes by applying a warm to hot washcloth for a bit. Then lather with a diluted baby shampoo and rinse it off. No more itchy, inflamed eyelids.

She said buy the cheapest baby shampoo out there. Being a skeptic, I only bought a tiny bottle of the best shampoo. When that bottle was empty and I found it worked, I bought a large and cheap bottle of baby shampoo. I mix the diluted shampoo in the tiny bottle and it lasts forever and ever. I put just a dab on the washcloth after soaking. I also use it to wash my face and find it ever so gentle.

It sure doesn't hurt and really helped me. A friend paid big money for a prescription for this and he was furious when I told him what I was advised.

Here are links to Blepharitis and the same recommendation.

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Virginia Beach, VA

I am a retired OR nurse and infection is top of my decisions always.
Do not use wash cloth, clean eye lids with Q-tips / applicators dry and dip a spoon in hot water , wrap in tissue paper and apply on eye, Make sure your lids are close. do this as often as you can.

I clean my eyelids before I go to bed and before I apply make up. I do the same thing put diluted baby shampoo in a small bottle and it lasts forever. Lately I even clean my face with this solution before a moisturizer. I use ponds moisturizing cream in the morning.


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