Containers and powdery mildew??

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

Hi everyone. I rarely post in the containers thread but I am hoping one of you could help me with a problem.
I had clematis in these barrels and continually had to spray for powdery mildew. Finally I moved the clems to the ground (they needed more root space anyway). I would like to re-use these barrels and the dirt.
What can I rinse through the dirt and what can I clean the inside of the barrels with that will kill the powdery mildew?

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Central, AL(Zone 7b)

ms, it's a problem of fungal which is tough to irradicate. If I were you. I'll bag the contaminated dirt and toss them. Then clean the barrel with soap and water. Once the barrels are cleaned. I'd spray them down with 1:10 chrorox : water mixture to kill the powdery mildew. Then allow the barrel to dry out under the sun naturally. Best of lucks.

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