Need garden design help for new garden and old gardener

Olathe, KS(Zone 5a)

I will be moving again in less than 6 months. Do not know what I can get for a house (small front yard?) and sunny back yard but will not get a place where I cannot garden. I also do not want to mow a lot or at all.

I looked at Amazon for books but saw nothing that looked great. I have many gardening books in boxes - still in the garage - and might have some good ones there.

I want flowers (have most), dwarf fruit trees, roses (have most), clematis (have most), dwarf shrubs (flowering, foliage, and some evergreen), food plants staked, in tubs and buckets (have), solar lights (have), black mulch instead of grass - if possible, bird bath and feeders (have). I do not want ugly raised beds or plants set out like little soldiers. I think the unruly tomatoes and cucumbers need to be kept separate. I can use curves if I use black rubber mulch for paths and bricks. They really look good together. Can I just lay out curves and will this look good?

From what I remember from my books - I need to lay out the bones, trees, shrubs first. Maybe if I look at pretty pixs, I could lay out curvy patterns, put in the tall items, then the shrubs. Worry about my plants and kitchen things (tomatoes, cucs) later. Put the messy kitchen things behind something so they are not obvious?

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