Dealing with heavy reseeders

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Now that I am back in IL - -I have flower beds to deal with.

Being gone for many many months is not good for flower beds, when you have no one really to weed them, or keep certain plants in check.
[I've already told the kid he will have to do more next year]

I came home to Morning Glories gone wild .... knowing each plant drops about 10,000 seeds, and also 4-O'Clocks ... those are 2 specific plants he will have to pull seedlings of next season.

Out back -- where it's mostly wild flowers .... obviously, about a million seeds have fallen of Agastache and Monardas ....

Do any of you sprinkle any sort of 'please don't germinate' granules in your beds to keep reseeders at bay?
I think I'm going to need that for up and coming seasons.

I will leave again about the second week of April, so I will have a few shorts weeks to do early clean up of unwanted perennials;
like Yarrow, Chocolate mint, Wild Bergamot and Anise Hyssop.


Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Preen does stop things from germinating.

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