A Bouquet

Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

I'm usually just a lurker but today i bought a new camera and took a picture of the Hydrangeas that are all from my garden. JOY

Thumbnail by agedgardener
(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Hi Joy,

Your hydrangeas are wonderful. I'm working around mine all the time but haven't brought any inside yet.

Athens, PA


Your hydrangeas are beautiful - what are the different kinds you have?

Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

In my bouquet I have Endless Summer in various stages,Twist and Shout,Annabelle,Lime Light and Pink Diamond.This is the first time I've had a bouquet of Hyrangeas in the house.My Siamese Willow always had his nose in them making a mess.This year he has forgotten whatever it was that attracted him.Thank Goodness!JOY

Belleville, ON(Zone 5b)

Beautiful! I have actually never done that with my hydrangea blooms, but now I am very tempted to go outside and snip some off to make a bouquet to put in the kitchen.

Athens, PA

I would like to do that too, but I have an 'attack' cat......

LA - interesting ID

Belleville, ON(Zone 5b)

Carolyn - did you mean my username? It's a combination of two of my favourite books by Margaret Atwood - Lady Oracle and the Blind Assassin.

Athens, PA

LA - yes, I did mean your username..... interesting.

By the way - it has been a couple of years, but I love Kingston Ontario!

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