valletta, Malta

Aptenia :: It's my hobby, that I had for a while now, breeding aptenia and up till now, I've breed quite a few colours, orange, whitish yellow,pink, mauve (dark and Light) and this year a plant that grow very, very slow more like bonsai with small leaves and it is dark mauve, and I'm hoping to develope new colours as I go along.

valletta, Malta

Has anyone got different colours to mine

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Hi-desert, CA

So cool, I wish we can trade.

I love aptenia and propagate them. Now I have Pink/Redish, Purple, and Variagate. Two years ago I have the yellow color but it's gone. I forgot to take them inside in snowy winter.

Never seen the orange and white, will you post the picture?

Here is my yellow plant (rip).

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